Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Times Soham Missed Asawari After She Left Him And Moved Into A Chawl

Soham is missing out no chance to insult Abhijit and his mother Asawari. But while doing so, he is also missing his mother since she left his house.

Tanvi Dhote

December 5, 2020



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Popular Marathi show Agga Bai Sasubai streaming on ZEE5 has reached an interesting turn. Asawari and Abhijit are enjoying the response to their new restaurant. On the other hand, Soham is struggling to make ends meet at Abhi’s Kitchen. Now, that Asawari has left Soham’s house. Soham misses his mother dearly. Here are some moments from Agga Bai Sasubai where Soham missed his mother Asawari.

1. When he asks Shubhra to leave the house

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After Asawari and Abhijit leave Soham’s house, things drastically changed. Soham planned to erase Aswari’s mark from the house. He chooses to move the deities in the house for his music system. He wanted a place for his music system. But on the other hand, the deities reminded him of his mother Asawari.

2. Soham visits Abhijit’s Pav Bhaji stall

Soham finds new ways to create problems in Asawari and Abhijit’s life. He even ends up visiting Abhijit’s pav bhaji stall just to insult him. But while doing so, he also makes sure to take a look at his mother since he misses her. Soham still feels the hurt of his mother choosing her second husband over her son.

3. Soham gets furious on his staff

Soham is struggling to manage the restaurant as he is competing against the legacy created by Abhijit. So when he hears the restaurant staff praising Abhijit, Soham lashes out on them. Abhijit and his praises are a constant reminder to Soham about his mother as he was always against his mother wanting to marry Abhijit.

4. Soham visits Asawari’s chawl

Asawari and Abhijit arrange a small birthday gathering in the chawl. All the family members in the chawl gather and celebrate their birthday.  Soham reaches there even though Asawari banishes Soham from visiting their chawl. Even though he chooses to humiliate Asawari and Abhijit, Soham does not forget to wish his mother on her birthday.

5. Soham gives Asawari her birthday gift

When Soham visits Asawari in the chawl, he does not come empty handed. He gifts Asawari an expensive jewellery set. He chose to give her the set to insult Abhijit and his poor living condition and also to make his mother feel special. But to Soham’s utter disbelief, Asawari declines the gift and says that she is happy with whatever she owns.

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