This Ugadi, Dress Up Like Paaru-Amulya And Look Drop Dead Gorgeous


March 25, 2020

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Pink And Green Half Saree

Source: ZEE5

Ugadi not only celebrates the beginning of the Hindu New Year but is also regarded as the herald of the harvest season. Having said that, Ugadi is also a reason for people to dress up, as the festival is grand and colourful like most others. During the season, girls and women of Karnataka predominantly wear silk half sarees and skirt and blouse.

If you’re confused about what to wear this Ugadi, Paaru and Amulya from Gattimela will save you from all the confusion. You can opt for a half saree, like the one worn by Amulya here. A half saree is a skirt and blouse that is usually of the same colour and a dupatta that is of a contrasting colour, worn as a saree.

Classic Red

Paaru (1)

With mix-and-match becoming a trend, this combination of red and violet is an absolute treat to the eyes! It’s unique, rare and definitely something fresh in terms of its colour combination.

Zari Borders

Amulya (3)

Amulya wears a dark blue dupatta with beautiful zari borders and pairs it with a bright red blouse that also has a considerable amount of zari work on it. The zari really adds on to the outfit, doesn’t it?

Dark And Light

Paaru (3)

Speaking of contrast, a dull coloured skirt goes perfectly well with a bright coloured blouse. Who would have thought orange and purple can look this beautiful, right?

Pink And Blue


Pink and blue is undoubtedly the best combination. If you’re going for a more vibrant look, then this hot pink dupatta along with the bright blue blouse is what you can wear.

Shades Of Blue

Paaru (2)

If you wish to just wear a skirt and a blouse, then using a particular colour of different shades for the two, can make for an interesting outfit. For example, dark blue blouse with a light blue skirt. Paaru looks absolutely beautiful in this picture, doesn’t she?

The Red And Green Combination


Red is the most expressive colours of all. If you’re looking for a loud colour, then red is what you can go for. Amulya’s lemon green blouse with matching red borders makes this outfit as perfect as it is.

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