7 Deepika Das Approved Outfits That Give Us #StyleGoals To Maintain A Flat Tummy!

Parinika Uchil

November 14, 2019

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1. Ghagra Choli without dupatta

Source: Instagram

Fondly known as Amrutha from Zee Kannada’s Naagini, Deepika Das knows her way through fashion. One of the most popular outfits worn to any Indian function or ceremony is the traditional ghagra choli. Aren’t you already motivated a bit to start working out? Also, despite the slight twist of no dupatta, a ravishing Deepika poses with utmost grace and confidence.

2. A modern take on a saree

Source: Instagram

A saree is the true representation of a traditional Indian outfit. Passed on through our heritage for generations, this piece of attire holds a sacred place in the hearts of countless women. If you like sarees, then this is the best way for you to show off your neatly trimmed waistline. For others, Deepika’s gorgeous outfit will make you want to hit the gym right now!

3. Camisole paired with a skirt

Source: Instagram

In areas where humidity is higher, this is a splendid way to show off your well-maintained curves. Bringing a slight change to her usual choice, here’s Deepika looking sizzling in this striped skirt paired with a camisole.

4. Casual jeans and a crop top

Source: Instagram

Jeans can easily be paired with a crop top and still make you look hawt if your waistline is flat. It is very evident that this Naagini actress has maintained a great bod. Also, she looks like a kid making this quirky pose.

5. Choli, sharara and dupatta

Source: Instagram

A sharara is nothing but a pair of palazzo pants designed with a traditional Indian touch. So you can always flaunt your waistline by wearing a choli coupled with sharara pants and a dupatta. According to our observations, Deepika is really fond of traditional wear. This style of clothing tends to bring out the best in her and we obviously aren’t complaining!

6. Full ghagra choli set

Source: Instagram

Namma Amrutha wears another pair of ghagra choli, but this time paired with a matching dupatta. I certainly hope you are now geared up to work towards trimming out your waistline so that you can carry off such gorgeous Indian wear.

7. Jeans and a camisole

Source: Instagram

The last but not the least is this cool outfit. A slightly rugged look, Deepika wonderfully shows her flat tummy during her visit to a car exhibition. Her outfit includes ripped jeans coupled with a camisole. A simple but cute outfit to flaunt your neatly maintained curves. We are impressed by her motivation to keep herself fit. Hoping that you too are inspired enough to hit the gym today. I know I will!

Which was your favourite outfit? Do you know any other outfit that can be worn on a flat tummy? Write to us in the comments section below.

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