6 Ornaments That You Must Wear This Ugadi Inspired By Amulya And Paaru


March 25, 2020

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Maang Tikka

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Ugadi, which celebrates the beginning of the Hindu New Year, is not just about the rituals. It also includes dressing up and accessorising yourself while also eating all the tasty food made on this special occasion. During the season, girls and women of Karnataka predominantly wear silk half sarees, skirts and blouses but also give utmost importance to traditional jewellery. Speaking of which, here are six traditional ornaments inspired from Parvathi from Paaru and Amulya from Gattimela that must be worn this festive season.

A maang tikka is a traditional piece of jewellery usually worn for cultural events. It is a center-piece attached to a chain which is then pinned into the hair. The traditional maang tikka worn by women in Karnataka is usually of pure gold, just like the one sported by Mokshitha Pai in this picture.


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Nisha Ravikrishnan aka Amulya from Gattimela wears gold earrings in the shape of a peacock. What makes this piece extremely beautiful is the attention given to detail. The feathers of the peacock in the earrings are filled with stones that also go with her outfit. This is, indeed, the perfect pair of earrings for this festive season!


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Mokshitha Pai, better known as namma Paaru, wears a beautiful neckpiece that has three chains in one. What makes it perfect is the pendant which has the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. For an occasion as grand as Ugadi, this is the most beautiful neckpiece one can wear.


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Amulya looks beautiful in this saree. But what completes her look are the thick gold bangles on her hand. A mix of differently sized bangles is what makes her traditional look perfect for sure!


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A kamarbandh is rarely worn unless the occasion is grand. However, when it comes to Ugadi, a kamarband is worn by all those wearing a half saree. It gives the outfit more personality while also giving shape to your body.


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It might not seem as important but a ring can make all the difference! If you’re not into wearing bangles, then a ring of considerable size like the one worn by Amulya in this one is all that you need to complete your perfect Ugadi look!

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