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5 Striking Similarities Between Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi’s Janhavi And ‘Ladachi Lek’ Kasturi

Ankita Tiwari

October 17, 2020

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Ever found Tejashri Pradhan’s character Janhavi as extremely lovable? Then you must have a look at how similar it is to Mitali Mayekar’s character of Kasturi.

Mitali Mayekar and Aroh Welankar’s show Ladachi Me Lek Ga has gained popularity over a couple of weeks. The show also stars veteran actress Smita Tambe. The show is in the headlines due to its extraordinary concept. It is a story of a young, bubbly girl who works as a nurse and falls in love with a co-working doctor. But it is a thriller for a reason! The doctor’s mother is a lady don who has a set of knives and gets all her work done at gunpoint. Will this scare Kasturi, who has been brought up in a pampered household which tended to all her needs? We would have to wait to witness that but here is another popular Marathi show that has a protagonist who was exactly like Kasturi in ways more than one!

Watch an episode of Ladachi Me Lek Ga here.

The show Honaar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi was a people’s favorite show for a long! Tejashri Pradhan (who essays the role of Shubhra in Agga Bai Sasubai now, became a popular face due to the show. And this is why we think Kasturi (Mitali Mayekar) is Janhavi reborn.

1. They both have a dominant mother-in-law: While Kasturi has to deal with only mummy, Janhavi had five mothers-in-law who she had to take care of! Her grandmother-in-law was the toughest with her as she thought low of Janhavi but Janhavi proved herself. Will Kasturi do the same?

2. They both share a great connection with their better-halves: Janhavi shared a very good connection with Shree. She almost connected with him on a soul level. And just like that Kasturi and Saurabh share a very good connection!

Source: ZEE5

3. Their backgrounds: Kasturi belongs to a middle-class background like Janhavi who was from a middle-class family and worked hard to earn the bread. They both marry into rich families.

Source: ZEE5

4. They are both ‘ladachi lek‘: Kasturi is loved by her parents and so was Janhavi. They are both ‘apples’ of their parents’ eyes. Janhavi had a step-mother but her father loved her a lot while in Kasturi’s case, her parents love her tot he core.

5. They are both hardworking: Kasturi works as a nurse while Janhavi worked in a bank and both the ladies are hardworking. Janhavi worked to make ends meet while Kasturi too works to support her family.

Was Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi your favorite? Then don’t miss Ladachi Me Lek Ga streaming on ZEE5.

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