5 Best Dialogues From Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone Season One

Parinika Uchil

June 3, 2019

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1. During Sunny's Most Controversial Interview

Source: ZEE5

The gorgeous actress Karenjit Kaur Vohra aka Sunny Leone has splendidly found a way to reveal her life story through the ZEE5 Original Series Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone. Furthermore, she has had to relive some very tough moments of her life while doing this show because she is the only star in Bollywood to have starred in own biopic, isn’t that cool? Let’s now take a look at the best dialogues from Season 1 of the show that will make you want to watch the show right away.

According to the show, in 2016, she gave her first and probably the most controversial interview to Indian media. She was asked a very difficult question right at the beginning of an interview about the difference between her and a prostitute and she gave this befitting reply (scroll up).

2. What The Dean Of Her University Said About Her Semi-Adult Video

Source: ZEE5

When a teacher took Sunny to the principal’s office to expose the semi-adult video of hers that went viral in college, the principal dismissed the teacher’s claims by asking if making such videos are banned in the campus. After the teacher leaves, the principal says some really interesting things to Sunny (read above), boosting her fallen-morale!

3. Sunny's Father Always Held Her In High-Regards And Respected Her Every Decision

Source: ZEE5

After Karenjit worked three to four jobs to buy herself a prom dress in school, her father takes her in front of the mirror and says, “Kashta pattu sampadne maad iro duddalli tagondiro dressan haakondidini anno ondu gaurava. Ondu vele naan kottiro duddalli ee dress neen haakond ididre ninna mukhadalli ee nagu irthirlilla. Nin jeevandalli ondu maatra nemp itko, kannadili nin mukha nodkolowaga, aa mukhadalli ee reeti nagu irowaga, neen artha maadko, neen mado sari antha.

4. Sunny Informs The Interviewer About The Similarity All Women Have

Source: ZEE5

Life wasn’t very friendly when she left her life in LA and came down to India to work in Bollywood. But she fought her way through all her problems and is now the superstar we know. Upon clarifying about the prostitute question, Sunny added,Aadre yella hengesrugu ondu similarity irratte. Guts!! It takes nerves of steel for a streetwalker or neev helak ishtha pado hage road alli nillo obba prostitute, road alli light kelag ninthkondu, empty pocket haagu emtpy eyes nalli mane karkond hogo reethi kaanodidiya alla? Adan mech beku. And it takes nerves of steel for a pornstar camera munde ninthu, batte na bichudru tanna mariyade na keliodak biddodilla oulu.

5. Another Great Advice By Jaspal Singh Vohra, Sunny's Father

Source: ZEE5

Sunny informed her parents about her decision to start modelling to help out the financial conditions in the house and he replied, “Nod amma, neen yaavaglu swatantralag irbekannode nann abhilashe. Aadre ond maatu, naan helodanna nempalli itko. Neen oble yella bhaarana heglamele haako beda. Sampadne maadu, ninig bekadasht maatra.”

Which was your favourite dialogue from Season 1? Let us know in the space given below.

If you still haven’t watched the second season of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone, watch it here on ZEE5 now!!

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