3 Years Of Andhadhun: Ayushmann Khurrana Opens Up About Film’s Success

Andhadhun won Ayushmann Khurrana a National Film Award. So, it’s special for him. Today on the film’s 3rd anniversary, he reveals some interesting things about his journey in the film


October 5, 2021


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After eight consecutive cinematic successes, Ayushmann Khurrana has become the poster boy of content film in India. The versatile actor has shown a great eye for selecting the best screenplays being produced in the Hindi cinema business. On the third anniversary of Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun, Ayushmann praises the filmmaker for choosing to work with him on this disruptive entertainment that became the buzz of the nation.

According to Ayushmann, he naturally goes towards edgy and disruptive screenplays and Andhadhun was a mix of everything that was original, distinctive, and path-breaking. Sriram Raghavan is one of the country’s greatest filmmakers, and he feels grateful for the opportunity to work creatively with him on such a great project. He totally submitted to the vision and skill of Sriram Raghavan and he is glad that Andhadhun is part of his cinema and filmography. It is a project that has forced Ayushmann to unlearn and learn a great deal. It was not simple to play a blind man who plays the piano.

Ayushmann says that Sriram held his hand throughout the preparation and filming process, resulting in his giving a great performance that garnered him the Best Actor prize at the prestigious National Film Awards. He couldn’t have had done Andhadhun with sincerity if he hadn’t had a visionary guy like Sriram to hold his hand all through the journey. Pooja Ladha Surti (co-writer and editor) also deserves ample credit for crafting the film in such a beautiful way. Khurrana feels also grateful to his piano teacher, Akshayye Varma. During Andhadhun, Ayushmann felt challenged as an actor, which pushed him to give his all on film.

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Ayushmann is a total director’s actor, and Andhadhun made him a better actor than he was before. It taught him to be a restless creative person and to continuously challenge himself as an artiste. Andhadhun was one of the most creatively rewarding films for Khurrana since it allowed him to express himself freely. So, all the credit goes to Sriram for bringing out a side of Khurrana that none of us knew existed, and he is also grateful to Raghavan for selecting him and not any other actor to be a part of his masterpiece.

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