Trinayani: We’re loving how strong-headed Nayani is becoming, aren’t you?

Trinayani’s Nayani has finally started speaking up for herself, and we couldn’t be more glad!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 22, 2021


3 min


We can all vouch that Nayani from Trinayani is one of the most gentle and warm people. She can even sacrifice her happiness for the people around her and is respectful towards everyone, to the extent that  Nayani can be exploitably pushed around. However, we were pleasantly surprised during the recent turn of events.

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While Nayani had come to terms with the fact that Vishal would now get married to Jasmine, it almost seemed like she would never stand up for herself against whatever Jasmine did. Nayani uses her power to foresee things only to keep people safe even if they hate her. In some ways, Nayani was also the textbook definition of a woman who did little to improve her own situation.

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This is why it was refreshing when she stood up for herself when Jasmine was raking all over the coals. Nayani even gave it back to Jasmine by telling her that she will have to kill Nayani to harm Vishal or defeat her. She has now finally understood Jasmine’s true colours, and she also told Jasmine that there is no way she can ruin her marriage with Vishal. We absolutely loved the gusto with which she said this and stood up for herself.

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Of late, Nayani seems to have started to take more control of things around her. She might still be gentle and warm to her family, but at the end of the day, she would not shy away from standing up for herself when the situation demands. Nayani just showed us all how brave she is, by standing up to Jasmine. We certainly need to see more of her in this avatar.

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