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The Ardent Fans Lash Out Brutally At Asim Riaz As He Mocked Shehnaaz Gill On Social Media – READ TWEETS


December 28, 2021

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Off late we all saw how after a long time, Shehnaaz Gill was feeling genuinely happy as she danced on her manager’s engagement bash but Asim took potshots at her indirectly which has made her alongside SidNaaz fans lash out at him on social media

Looks like apart from Bollywood, even the tinsel town and showbiz industry is not complete without their fair share of controversies and scandals which shake the social media and also take the internet by storm as well.

Recently fans, netizens, and all of us saw some really lovely and amazing videos in which the rising starlet and former BB contestant Shehnaaz Gill was seen feeling really happy and joyful as she was seen attending the engagement party of her manager in the city and after a long time, the actress was really so jubilant and vibrant as ever since the untimely demise of the late TV star and her rumored boyfriend Sidharth Shukla that had shaken everyone, most deeply affected was Shehnaaz Gill who was mourning his loss by staying away from social media and also during her film Honsla Rakh’s promotions she was really quiet and sombre and she has found the moral support from Sidharth’s family, her family, their fans in this emotional phase and now when she is coming back to being herself again, the renowned rapper and model who is also an actor and has been a runner up of BB13, Asim Riaz had put out a tweet which asserted that he just happened to see some dancing clips and is amazed that how can people get over their loved ones loss so soon and without mentioning Shehnaaz’s name he added that this is indeed a new kind of a world.

An ardent SidNaaz fan making fun of Asim Riaz mentioned that since Nalla Asim Riaz’s new project is coming, this is the reason he did all this but it is of no use and ended her tweet with the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.

Another fan mocking Asim Riaz in his tweet wrote that this is a gift for him as he is trending at number one in our country India and added that next time he should not take any panga from the fans and also added the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ and called him a Nalla as well.

Another Shehnaaz fan in his tweet presented the Nalla song and also shared that he should not have messed up with the queen and her army of fans and he didn’t want to make this but since Asim Riaz crossed his limits, this is the reaction of her fans.

Another fan wrote how the entire Riaz family is unique as the father is anti-national, one son has gotten injured in an accident whilst in Jammu and the other is a fake doctor having a false degree and is seen in Bigg Boss 15 and also added the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.

Another fan wrote how even after showing so much positivity from the past two years now, Nalla Asim Riaz did not stop poking them even now and added the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.

Another fan wrote how judging Shehnaaz for this is right for them but if fans roast and grill them for their stupidity on social media then why is it not right and unfair and also added that just like their idol Asim, even his fans are nalle, pathetic and inhuman and finally also added the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.

Another fan wrote how today also does Asim has plans to show off his heights of being idle and doing silly antics so he can confirm the same since she is going to be taking a sick leave as she can do anything for her precious bub Shehnaaz aka Sana and ended her tweet with the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.

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