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Taana Movie Review: Vaibhav And Nanditha’s Film Is An Entertaining Horror Comedy

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November 20, 2020

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Taana is a refreshing horror-comedy that portrays a fanatical yet realistic world. Catch the review right here!

Imagine what your life would be like if you were to live in a world where getting in touch with spirits was as easy as just calling them once. Taana takes us to a similar world where the spirits and ghosts are not a speculated concept but as real as you. So unlike any other Tamil horror movie where the protagonist is convinced that spirits don’t exist, Sakthi doesn’t dispute the existence of supernatural bodies. Sakthi is not an overly macho hero who is fearless and does what he wants, he is a simple man with reasonable fears which makes him extremely endearing.

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Sakthi hails from a family of police officers, who have been serving in the police department from 1861. His ancestor was the first police officer from the city and ever since the legacy had been carried on. However, his father did not qualify in the physical round and hence all hopes were on Sakthi. After an incident in the city, he decides to go for the exam.

Sakthi, the protagonist, is struck with a condition called Puberphonia, which essentially changes ones voice into a more feminine and high pitched voice especially when they are overwhelmed with anger, sadness, excitement or nervousness. Although he deals with a condition like this, he isn’t made fun of because of the way he speaks. All the jokes made at his expense point towards him being so ashamed of this condition. It is only the extremely evil DIG who stops his selection into the police force stating puberphonia as the reason when in reality he was jealous of the efficiency that Sakthi showed.

When it comes to the Nivetha, she is someone who speaks her mind. She makes the first move when it comes to her love life and she isn’t hesitant before doing the same. This does not mean that she is not respectful of Sakthi or forces herself on him. No joke in the movie is at the expense of a stereotype and this is what is refreshing.

During the second half of the story, Taana stops being a horror comedy and turns into a thriller revolving around a series of murders. The movie talks about the risks of data mining and the illegal purchase of data. From the corruption of an evil cop to the greed of a construction company, these are just a few topics that the movie dwells on. While being engaging, Taana is also educational in nature. From commendable performances by Vaibhav as Sakthi, Nanditha Swetha and Nivetha and Yogi Babu as Dooma, to an amazing direction by Yuvaraj Subramani, the movie classifies as an entertainment-packed story for the weekend to watch with your family.

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