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Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio to star as this controversial cult leader from the 1970s


November 9, 2021

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Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen starring and producing the upcoming MGM project based on the life of the 1970s controversial cult leader Jim Jones. Jones was responsible for the 1978 mass suicide in Jonestown that took around 900 lives.

Hollywood superstar Leonardo Di Caprio is known for playing complex and challenging roles on screen and for this has received many accolades from world over.  As per recent reports the Academy Award winning actor is in final talks to play the role of cult leader Jim Jones in MGM’s upcoming film that is written by Scott Rosenberg.

The Revenant actor will play the controversial religious cult leader Jim Jones from the 1970s who was responsible for the Jonestown mass suicide on November 18, 1978. This suicide claimed the lives of over 900 people. The film will also be produced by the Titanic actor along with Jennifer Davisson under the banner of Appian Way production company. The project has been already picked up by MGM that will also involve Rosenberg as its executive producer.

The infamous cult leader, Jones, had established the Peoples Temple in Indianapolis in 1955, hailing it as a fully integrated faith that would promote Christian Socialism. He openly renounced traditional Christianity and claimed to be God by the 1970s. In 1974, he built Jonestown in Guyana and drew a crowd to live with him there and he further promoted a socialist utopia that would be free of US government persecution.

The narrative of this controversial leader has already been told several times previously, in books and documentaries,  Truth and Lies: Jonestown, Paradise Lost, being one of them. Jones’ faith healing talents were said to be legendary and this was one of the reasons why he had gathered such a huge following. Given Di Caprio’s talent as an actor and the intriguing storyline of this film, it can become a strong contender for the Oscar Awards next year.

Talking about his current projects, the Wolf of Wall Street actor will be featured in the upcoming film ‘Don’t Look Up’ which also stars Jennifer Lawrence, Timothee Chalamet, and Meryl Streep in pivotal roles.

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