Sembaruthi: How Will Parvathi And Akhila Adjust Under The Same Roof?

While Sembaruthi’s Parvathi admires Akhilandeswari, there is one factor that the two will have to compromise on to live together. Read more to find out

Bhavna Gandikota

January 6, 2021


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Akhilandeswari from Sembaruthi is finally on talking terms with her son Adithya. Normally, this would mean that she accepts Parvathi and they will all live together as one big happy family. While this seems a little distant, we are sure that this day is not too far. While the milestone of the mother-son duo finally reuniting was crossed, it got us thinking as to what would Parvathi and Akhilandeswari have to compromise on to live under a roof.

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Akhilandeswari stands for pride and courage, rarely letting anything come in the way of her honour. She does not hold back and spills out things like they are. While this is a quality that we all admire, one can only imagine how this would fair with Parvathi. Parvathi as a person is not as outspoken as Akhilandeswari and will sugarcoat the truth so as to not hurt others.

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Parvathi would rather be hurt than hurt someone else, and Akhilandeswari would prefer telling the harshest of truths with no filter because she puts her integrity above everything. When these two contrasting personalities will share a house, they will have to compromise, for a healthy relationship. Parvathi will have to grow a thicker skin and Akhilandeswari will have to habituate herself to Parvathi’s sensitivities.

Source: ZEE5

We would love for these two ladies to reunite as soon as possible, so that we can finally see how two contrasting people live together happily, setting examples for millions of viewers watching the show.

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