RRR Star Ram Charan Signs A Digital Deal For A Whopping Amount Per Year!

Days after buying a brand new pristine car, Ram Charan has done a deal with a digital platform for a whopping fee. Take a guess how much he will be earning a year now?


September 17, 2021



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Mega Power Star Ram Charan is not just reigning his fans’ souls but also gives out back-to-back magnum opus movies. With his lively existence on Twitter and Instagram, social media people are pleased that they get a preview of the superstar quite often in the recent past. It is fairly recognized that Ram Charan is a reserved being and takes up assignments and ads only after due attentiveness.

A little birdie whispered that he has been closing a lot of deals with brands and one such latest commercial was closed for a whopping amount, between Rs.5 cr and Rs.7 cr per year.

With RRR, Acharya, and #RC15 curved at the bend to come soon, he has converted the most wanted actors for flicks and ads. A lot of folks are rushing after him to be the appearance of their products. Fans too seem engrossed to see him frequently equally on big and small screens.

Ram Charan is a performer of the opulent palate. A testament to his sophisticated palate can be seen with his latest acquisition of a trademark new Mercedes SUV worth a whopping 4 crore rupees. For an actor known to be a car aficionado, Ram Charan has a special taste in European cars.

His new possession, the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 will add to his already existing collection of premium luxury cars. Among his collection is an Aston Martin Vantage worth about Rs. 3 crore, a Rolls Royce Phantom worth more than Rs. 3.5 crore, a Range Rover Autobiography worth Rs. 4 crore, and a Ferrari Portofino costing him Rs. 3.5 crore.

Ram Charan has modified his new award-winning proprietorship to have an exclusive set of alloy wheels, front grills, cabin lighting, and classy leather interiors with the seats bearing his initials. He has also been a part of the festivity where he cuts the cake and then is given the keys to his pristine Mercedes.

Let’s wait and watch what he is up to next now that he has a new car as well as a new deal on digital under his belt. Stay hooked for more interesting stories and gossips.

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