Prema Entha Madhuram 23 January 2021 Written Update: Arya rescues Anu from Jalandhar

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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Raghupati’s humiliating words leave Padma enraged. Arya asks Jende where Anu is and he tells him that Anu had fainted after seeing Rajanandini’s file. Anu is terrified to find herself abducted by Jalandhar, who plots to kill her and take revenge on Arya. Arya asks the security guards if they saw Anu and leaves in search of Anu.

Watch what will happen next on Prema Entha Madhuram:


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Jalandhar hangs Anu to a rope with ice under her feet. He tells Anu that he will videocall Arya while she dies. Arya finds clues and arrives at Jalandhar’s hideout. Jalandhar challenges Arya to find him and Anu. Arya panics when Jalandhar says that she is about to die.

Arya points a gun at Jalandhar and orders him to set Anu free. Jalandhar shows Arya how he has Anu hanging to a rope on the brink of death and tells Arya that he has to die if he wants to save Anu’s life. Arya steps back and asks Jalandhar to shoot him by making him hold the gun.

Arya spots a water trail behind Jalandhar and figures out where Anu is. He then twists the gun and shoots Jalandhar. Arya rushes to Anu and rescues her. Later, Anu asks Arya who Jalandhar is and why he kidnapped her, but Arya remains silent.


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