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Mira Kapoor Surprises Hubby Shahid Kapoor With This Sweet Gesture Before His Film Jersey’s Release


December 17, 2021

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Mira Kapoor, who is quite active on social media, drew attention when she dedicated this gesture to her spouse Shahid Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor is ramping up for his upcoming film Jersey which also features Mrunal Thakur

Mira Kapoor and her spouse Shahid Kapoor are a match made in heaven. The adorable duo has millions of social media followers and is well-known for their pictures and videos. If you’ve been following the couple’s activities, you’ll know that Mira Rajput has resumed her piano lessons while Shahid is willing to promote his movie Jersey ahead of its release.

Mira released a video of herself playing the piano on December 17, so everyone got to see a combo of this. She wasn’t just belting out any song, but Mehram from Jersey. The song was released just a few days earlier and was a hit among Shahid’s fans. Mira stated on Instagram that she is awaiting the official music piece from composer Sachet and Parampara. Even if she couldn’t sing with Shahid, she’d play for her love, she captioned, and she tagged Shahid Kapoor. Playing by ear, she hopes to obtain some chords and a chart from Sachet Tandon and Parampara Thakur eventually.

Several songs by Jersey, including ‘Baliye Re’ and ‘Maiyya Mainu,’ have recently been published and have quickly become fan favourites. To commemorate Mehram’s release, Shahid posted a video of himself humming along with the song and encouraged his followers to do the same. Shahid Kapoor recently took to social media to make the sweetest remark about just how essential this project is to him. ‘Drives,’ he captioned a photo on Instagram. They never fail to bring up memories for him. Compared to the enormity of the universe, we are nothing. His kids are sleeping on his lap. The wife is on the phone with someone on the opposite side of the globe. Someone who is always on the go.

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The actor also stated that he is now thinking about ‘Jersey.’ In his head, as well as in his heart. It also has a bit of the performer’s soul in it. He stated that he cannot wait till the 31st. He only wishes to show his thankfulness to everyone who has aided him along the road. Considering how the preceding two years have flown by. It is a pleasure that they are always healthy, happy, and surrounded by those they love.  And he’ll be seeing them all soon. The onset of the Jersey storm will be signalled by the commencement of promotions.

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