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Mallika Sherawat: I Am Going To Smoke And Be A Badass, Audiences Should Expect That In ‘Nakaab’


September 15, 2021

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During her recent conversation, Mallika Sherawat opened up about her upcoming comeback with the digital show ‘Nakaab’. Mallika revealed how her character has become the talk of the town and how’s she’s excited about it

Mallika Sherawat has been one of the few actresses in Bollywood who has never shied away from calling a spade a spade. She has been outspoken, and she has never minced her words. She is all set to make a comeback to being in front of the camera with ‘Nakaab’.


Speaking to TOI about what fans should expect from her new show, she said that audiences should expect a lot of masala in ‘Nakaab’. They should expect a lot of realism. ‘Nakaab’ mein kuch filmy nahi hai (There’s nothing filmy in ‘Nakaab’). They should expect that she, as Zohra Mehra, will be smoking and will be a badass. Now, isn’t that killer?


She has been the proverbial outsider in the film industry. But did she ever face discrimination at any point in her career? She opens up by saying that she doesn’t focus on the negative things. There are negative things in any industry around the world. Her tendency is to focus on positive things as in what she has got and what she is working on. The directors and the actors that she is working with, that matters to her more than the other things.


But the highlight of her international career will always remain working with Jackie Chan in ‘The Myth’. She goes on to say that it was just the beginning of her career. The Myth gave her so much international exposure. The movie got a big International release. Jackie took her to the Cannes film festival, Toronto film festival where she met so many other International directors and actors. It was a very full-filling experience and kind of an eye-opener for her, that there is a world outside of Bollywood, as well.


Sherawat is making a comeback to acting after a long. She was last seen in the web series ‘Booo Sabki Phategi’ (2019).

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