Kundali Bhagya 16 February 2021 Written Update: Karan wishes Sarla a happy Valentine’s Day

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February 15, 2021



6 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, at night, Karan misses Preeta and gets upset after recalling the recent occurrences. He gets restless and leaves from the Luthra house. Mahira sees him leaving in anger. She feels excited thinking about spending Valentines’s Day with him the next day. At the Arora house, Preeta wakes up after hearing an alarm clock. She realises that Srishti is not at home and goes back to sleep. Preeta suddenly notices that someone is trying to sneak into her room through a window. Janki gets a call wherein a neighbour informs her about a thief attacking some people in the locality. Preeta attacks the unknown person and later realises that it is Karan. Preeta cuddles him and after a short pause, Karan mentions that he is upset with her. Karan forgets his anger and reminds Preeta that it is Valentine’s Day and she needs to confess something. Preeta tries to profess her love to Karan but suddenly people begin to knock her door. Unaware of all this, Srishti and Sameer, in her locality, talk about Karan and Preeta’s relationship issues. They decide to try and bring them together. Sameer takes a bouquet of flowers from the car and tries to say something. They hear people running towards Sarla’s house. They all check Preeta’s room and unknowingly hinder Preeta and Karan’s sweet moment. Srishti makes an excuse when Sarla finds her with Sameer. Soon, they all see someone hiding in the room and begin to attack him. Everyone gets shocked to find that it is Karan.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, at the Luthra house, Sherlyn keeps checking her phone and gets mad at Prithvi for not calling her on Valentine’s Day. Mahira arrives in her room and shares why she is so happy. Mahira tells her that she had seen Karan going to Sarla’s house to fight with Preeta. Sherlyn criticises her for avoiding her pain and just focusing on her enjoyment. Mahira tells her that she just wants to be happy. She takes a leave after telling Sherlyn that she is in no moods to hear her sad story. At the Arora house, a man with broken nose confirms that the man who had attacked was as tall as Karan. He immediately says that it cannot be Karan and everyone seconds him. All the starstruck neighbours say that it could have been someone else who attacked him. They begin to request Karan for autographs and selfies. After this session, Srishti asks all of them to leave. Sarla asks Preeta about Karan’s presence in the room. Preeta says that Karan had comes to say something and asks Karan to say it to Sarla. Karan tries to profess his love for Preeta but stammers due to Sarla’s anger. Srishti calls it a romantic and heroic act and praises Karan. Sarla hears this and asks Preeta how did Karan managed to enter the room when the window was locked. Preeta reveals that she had taken off the planks from the window for fresh air.

Sarla sees that Preeta has injuries on her hand. She tells Preeta to be careful about such a thing in the future. Sarla thanks Karan for visiting Preeta and requests him to leave. Karan, with a hesitant tone, requests Sarla to let her go home with him. Karan, coming forward, promises Sarla that he will always stand by Preeta as he trusts her. He says that he wanted to say the same thing when she was bringing home but somehow couldn’t say it. Karan asks Sarla for her permission to let Preeta go with him. This makes Sarla emotional, but she tells him to stay at home for a night or come home the next morning for it. She even offers to bring Preeta to the Luthra house. Karan hugs Sarla and wishes her Valentine’s Day. She tells him to wish it to Preeta and he feels shy. Janki laughs at their shyness and reminds them they are married. Karan takes a leave and everyone goes back to their respective rooms. Preeta sees Karan is again in his room. Preeta asks Karan to confess his feelings to her and he asks her to do it first. Preeta tries to profess her love and realises that Karan has got some injuries on his shoulder. She goes to get a turmeric paste to apply on Karan’s wounds and runs into Srishti. Preeta finds it hard to stop Srishti and Janki from entering the room. They assume that Karan is inside her room and tease her. Preeta brings the paste and begins to apply to his wounds, which brings them closer.

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