Kundali Bhagya 05 February 2021 Written Update: Akshay’s parents caution him against Preeta

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February 4, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, while Preeta manages to take Kareena, Kritika, Rakhi and Sherlyn to the hotel, Akhay enjoys his time with Megha. Akshay tells Megha that he has planned something to get rid of Kritika. He explains how his parents are forcing him to marry Kritika. Sameer keeps an eye on Akshay by standing outside his room. Suddenly, the hotel manager notice Sameer and takes him away. Akshay pays a huge tip to the waiter who gets drinks and food for him. Preeta bangs the door of Akshay’s room and asks him to let them all in. Akshay initially refuses to let them in but they all forcefully enter the room. Kritika asks Akshay about Megha and he pretends to be unaware. Soon, they all are shocked to hear a knock from inside the bathroom. Kritika asks Akshay to admit his wrongdoings and let the girl inside come out. He keeps saying that he is innocent and Rakhi loses her cool. Srishti arrives at the hotel and sees Sameer in a dificult situation. Akshay’s parents arrive there and his mother says that she does not want him to marry Kritika now. Kareena comes ahead and apologises for all the misunderstanding.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti learns about Sameer getting caught while tailing Akshay to a hotel room. She enters the hotel manager’s cabin and pretends to be a journalist to save Sameer. She lies that they were here for a secret inspection. She lies that they will soon reveal the hotel services are poor. They try to leave after this but the hotel manager stops them and asks for their ID. Meanwhile, Preeta stops Kareena from apologising to Akshay’s mother. However, Kareena lashes out at Preeta and tells her to keep out of family matters. Rakhi requests Preeta to stay quiet for some time. Preeta gets restless to see everyone believe Akshay’s lies yet again. Sherlyn tries to silence Preeta and enjoys the situation. Preeta tells everyone to ask Kritika if she believes him. Preeta raises doubts on their presence in this hotel, the drink in the room and other suspicious occurrences. Akshay’s parents initially get scared and remain speechless. Kritika questions Akshay and his father says that they are hear to make arrangements for the people who’d want to drink during the wedding. Akshay’s father lies that nobody in his family has habit of drinking. Preeta keeps asking questions and constantly counter-questions Akshay. Akshay pretends to be innocent before everyone and his mother suggests Preeta to forget everything. When Preeta refrains from stopping her accusations, Akshay’s mother pretends to feel insulted. Kareena loses her cool and asks Akshay’s parents to forget about Preeta’s behaviour.

Kareena tells them to bring the procession home for the marriage with Kritika. The Luthras leave for home and the Ahujas stay back in the hotel room. Akshay’s mother slaps him for being careless. She says that she had asked him to be careful of Preeta. Akshay’s father questions him about spending time with a pregnant Ruchika. Akshay explains that he tries to keep Ruchika satisfied because she could expose him. Akshay and his father have a drink and they decide to leave the country after getting Kritika’s wealth. At the exit of the hotel, Kareena scolds Preeta. Rakhi requests her to return home and then continue this. Kareena asks Sherlyn to let her drive the car and go the backseat. Kareena leaves Preeta stranded and they all go the Luthra house. Surprisingly, Akshay arrives there and makes fun of Preeta. A furious Preeta vows to never let Akshay marry Kritika. He challenges her that he will take revenge on her by harassing Kritika. Soon, Srishti and Sameer arrive there and ask Preeta about Akshay. Preeta tells them how Akshay proudly revealed how he saw Sameer outside his room and smartly moved Megha out. At the Luthra house, Kareena throws Preeta’s bag and asks her to stay at the Arora house till Kritika’s wedding.

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