Kundali Bhagya 03 February 2021 Written Update: Kritika begins to suspect Akshay

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February 2, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, after lying to Ruchika about his whereabouts Akshay arrives at the Luthra house. Preeta secretly meets him at the back of the house and gets shocked to see Kritika there. However, Akshay makes an excuse which helps him trick Kritika. Akshay tells Preeta that he will surely not cheat on Kritika if she weds him to Srishti as well. He tells her that he wants the sweetness of Kritika and hotness of Srishti at the same time in his life. A disgusted Preeta slaps Akshay, who instead threatens Preeta that he will slap Kritika on their first night. Preeta worries for Kritika and discusses about all this with Srishti and Sameer. They decide to take a quick action as they are losing on time. The next day, the Luthras begin to perform the rituals of ‘chooda’ ceremony. Karan brings a coma-stricken Mahesh there and makes him a part of the ceremony. Rakhi and Kritika get emotional to see this. Kareena calms Rakhi and calls Kritika lucky while reminding Rakhi how this ritual had to be done by Mahesh. Dadi tells Rakhi, Sherlyn and Preeta, the three daughters-in-law of the Luthra family to go there for the rituals, which upsets Mahira.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, the Luthra family performs the rituals of Kritika’s ‘chooda’ ceremony. Dadi helps Mahesh touch Kritika’s first wedding card. Dadi asks Sameer to take the card to Akshay’s family. Akshay calls Megha and asks her to meet him. She takes time to check her schedule and gets ready to meet him. Akshay feels proud of himself when she agrees to go to a hotel room again. On the way, Sameer sees Akshay hugging Megha across the street. Disgusted by Akshay’s behaviour, Sameer calls Preeta and apprises her of this. Sameer gets Akshay’s room number after talking to the receptionist of the hotel. He calls Preeta and confirms the details. Preeta, Rakhi, Sherlyn, Kritika and Kareena have arrived at a temple for some pre-wedding rituals. Preeta calls Srishti and discusses a plan to expose Akshay. Preeta then talks to Rakhi and asks for an hour’s time. On being asked, Preeta reveals to Rakhi and others that she needs this time to expose Akshay. Kareena gets mad at Preeta and begins to scold her. Preeta reveals that Akshay and Megha are in a hotel room and she needs this time to take them there. A furious Kareena tells Rakhi to cut off ties with Preeta if she continues to be after Akshay’s life.

Preeta apologises to Kritika for revealing such a hurtful news to her. Preeta requests Kareena to allow her some time as needs this for Kritika. Kareena refuses to believe in her and says that she does not have time for this nonsense. Surprisingly, Kritika agrees to go with Preeta which angers Kareena and shocks others. Sherlyn opposes Preeta and advises Kritika not to doubt Akshay because of Preeta’s accusations. Kritika clears that she does not doubt Akshay. She, however, mentions that the incident at the house did not make her doubt Srishti. Kritika says that Akshay must have surely misunderstood Srishti because of her bold attitude. Kritka says that after this day something has affected her faith in Akshay. Kritika reconfirms her faith in Preeta and Srishti before everyone, which angers Kareena. Rakhi requests Kareena to allow Preeta to prove her point as it could help Kritika. Kareena says that she does not care about Preeta and Kritika’s belief. She tells Rakhi that she’d go to check on Akshay only for Rakhi. Before leaving, Kareena asks Preeta what if she fails to prove Akshay wrong. Preeta says that she is ready to accept any punishment after that. Kareena decides that this time nobody will be able to defend Preeta if she goes wrong.

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