Krishnakoli: The Choudhury family is inviting troubles by forgiving Radharani and Rukmini

Radharani and Rukmini possess unfathomable threats to the Choudhury family now that they have been forgiven by them. Find out here, why we think so!

Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil Choudhury and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama Choudhury in lead roles. The entire Choudhury family had cut off all ties with Radharani and Rukmini many years ago. However, after a fake act of regret and remorse by the duo, a few days back, the Choudhury family finally forgave them. And here is why we think this recent return of the evil mother-daughter pair could turn majorly treacherous for the whole family.

While the members of the Choudhury family are extremely welcoming and kind-hearted, it is no secret how evil Radharani and Rukmini truly are. Their vengeful intentions have always been evident. From fraudulently trapping Nikhil in a loan contract to blackmailing Shyama to sing on Rai’s behalf, Radharani has done it all.

Radharani and Rukmini in Krishnakoli
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With their latest act of fake guilt and regret for their past actions, Radharani and Rukmini are now conspiring something larger. And the Choudhury family appears to have simply turned a blind eye to their cunningness.

Ruining Krishna’s life

Upon the discovery of Aniruddho’s liking for Krishna, Radharani has hoped to eventually get them married. Her key objective is to bring Krishna home as a daughter-in-law and then turn her life into a living hell. This would leave Nikhil and Shyama feeling helpless and be absolutely devastating for them, and Radharani wishes to cause them just that.

Shyama and Nikhil in Krishnakoli
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Worsening Munni and Krishna’s relationship

Any closeness between Aniruddho and Krishna will undoubtedly cause a huge rift between her and her sister, Munni, too. Munni has made her fondness for Aniruddho clear to Krishna. So if she saw Aniruddho and Krishna bonding at all, it will only further amplify her hatred for her sister, and even lead her to conspire against her again. This will mean double the risk on the ever-innocent Krishna.

Munni and Krishna in Krishnakoli
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Breaking Alok’s heart, again

Alok, Radharani’s father, is another person at a very big risk of heartbreak. Living away from his wife and daughter for years was extremely tough on him. Thus, reuniting with them after all this while has been a relief. However, little does he know of his wife Rukmini’s and Radharani’s real intentions. So forgiving the wicked mother-daughter duo now is also going to result in a disastrous shock for Alok later, when their true intentions will come to light again.

Alok in Krishnakoli
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While forgiveness can help heal broken relationships and hearts, not everyone is deserving of it. Some people simply do not change for the better, thus not being qualified enough for second chances in life. And Radharani and Rukmini are brilliant examples of just that. So we hope that the Choudhury family soon realises the potential danger that their forgiveness possesses.

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