Krishnakoli: How Mishmee Das aka Sunaina’s presence in the show makes it a far more interesting watch

Having a Sunaina in our lives could be a terrible idea, but we cannot deny her spicy additions to Krishnakoli do engage us all very well.

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February 1, 2021


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Krishnakoli is a Bengali romantic-drama show that stars Tiyasha Roy as Shyama and Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil in lead roles. Another extremely interesting character on the show is that of Sunaina (played by Mishmee Das), who was introduced after the 18-year leap in the story. Ever since her arrival in the show, we have seen a new dynamic relationship that she holds with the entire Choudhury family, especially with Nikhil.

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One can’t deny that the presence of grey characters adds a strong dose of spice and suspense to a show. After all, it is the evil that makes us realise the importance of goodness! Sunaina is certainly one such character on Krishnakoli. Her relentless efforts to  achieve her selfish motives has brought about some really interesting twists.

Since the post-leap episodes of the show, Sunaina has been seen thinking to herself about her selfish motives involving the Choudhury family. She has wanted Nikhil to herself but failed at all of her attempts for years now. Other than Nikhil’s acceptance, Sunaina also has evil objectives of eventually becoming the sole inheritor of the Choudhury family’s possessions. She constantly tries to solidify and amplify her value in the family to ensure her targets do get fulfilled in due time, no matter what the routes look like.

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Earlier when the entire Choudhury family left for a trip to Benares, Sunaina was invited to accompany them as she had become an active part of the family over the years. While they were away, Sunaina plotted against their family business. Sunaina, who works in their masala company, let a huge delivery target of theirs get hampered while it was on its way. Later, she pretended to not have any clue as to how it took place and even asked for a proper investigation to be done.

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Recently during Sankranti, the Choudhury family decided to have Patishapta, a popular Bengali sweet dish, which she was supposed to make for everyone. Not knowing how to prepare the dish or even to cook, she opted for a clever way out and ordered them from a nearby sweet store. While sneaking the containers in, she spilt them all in the middle of the garden and started panicking. When she began picking them all up, Shyama and Krishna objected. Sunaina’s intention was to feed the family the dirty Patishaptas due to her desperation to impress them and have an upper hand.

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The appearance of Sunaina’s character on Krishnakoli was a fresh new face for us all. She brought with her several fascinating attributes that add to the pre-existent appeal for the show in our hearts. Despite being an antagonistic character and causing trouble in the Choudhury household, Sunaina makes her presence felt very well to every one of us. Although the existence of someone like Sunaina in our lives would not be a good idea, her spicy contributions to the story of Krishnakoli does add to our forever-growing interest in the show.

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