Krishnakoli 6 April 2021 Written Update: Munni and Krishna’s face-off

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April 6, 2021


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In the previous episode of the Zee Bangla show Krishnakoli, after the kids go out to explore the village, Shyama tells Nikhil that she has seen Radha acting strange and talking secretly to someone over the phone. Shyama says she heard Radha use the word ‘problem’ and is concerned.

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In the current episode of Krishnakoli, even though Nikhil ignores Shyama’s concerns, she decides to play safe and sends his elder brother Arun to keep a check on the kids. However, when Arun meets up with the kids on their village excursion. Munni gets angry with him and her family for refusing to leave her alone.

Krishna however, apologises to her uncle and says Munni did not really mean what she said and it is a good thing he came. Aniruddha and the others also welcome him. Gopal says he will show him how cumin flowers look in the cumin fields. All the while, Montu’s goons are following them and reporting to Montu about their whereabouts.

At the village home, Nikhil gets romantic with Shyama, but at the back of her mind, Shyama has a niggling worry and hopes her family does not weather another storm.

Aniruddha suggests they go boating and while everyone is excited at the prospect, Munni refuses to go with them. She says it is too sunny and hot and she would like to go back home. When Aniruddha tries to convince her, she tells him that just because he seems to like everything these days, it does not mean that others must feel the same way. She asks the others if they would like to go home with her but when no one seems keen, she says she will go home on her own.

When Krishna goes to pacify Munni, Munni has a heated argument with her and tells Krishna that she is selfish. She tells Krishna that despite promising her that she will not go anywhere near Aniruddha she is enjoying the attention he is lavishing on her. Munni tells Krishna that she knows that Aniruddha likes her and will never like Munni and is therefore acting confident and pitying her.

Krishna decides to confront Aniruddha and ask him why he does not like Munni and is creating problems between the two sisters. Krishna decides to settle the matter once and for all and tells Aniruddha that she wants to have a word with him in private.

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