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Khasma Nu Khani 20 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Armaan Mistakes Maya for Simple


January 18, 2022

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After Desho returns to Armaan’s house and displays disinterest in Armaan, the latter starts getting bothered by Simple’s return. Has Armaan driven himself to his wit’s end by obsessing over Desho?

In the next episode, Armaan clutches Maya’s arm as he mistakes her for Simple but soon realises that it is Maya. Later, Maya complains to Desho about Armaan’s irrational behaviour and takes Desho aback. At his house, Armaan takes a call and berates the caller by calling the caller Simple. Desho intervenes as Armaan tries to smash the phone as his mother watches him in disbelief.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, on being questioned, Maya manipulates Ranveer Duggal against doubting Desho’s involvement with the doctor’s proposal. Elsewhere, Desho confronts Armaan about his discomfort regarding Simple’s calls. Armaan expresses his worries to Desho and the latter tries to pacify a distressed Armaan. Maya calls Desho and informs her about Ranveer Duggal’s suspicion as Ranveer Duggal misses Desho in silence. The doctor tells Desho that Ranveer Duggal is unwilling to take his help and he refuses to force Ranveer Duggal to undertake his treatment. Desho manages to convince the doctor to try convincing Ranveer Duggal for treatment once again. In the interim, Armaan’s mother worries about Armaan’s obsession with Simple’s intentions as well as his undue interest in Desho. She goes on to tell Armaan that she doesn’t trust him anymore while questioning him.

Desho comes up with a fresh plan spontaneously over a call with Maya and requests Maya to ignore Ranveer Duggal when he asks for help in a bid to make him realise that he requires his doctor’s help. Well along, Ranveer Duggal calls out to Maya, Malkit Singh and Momo for help but Maya does not let anyone inside his room at the behest of Desho. Ranveer Duggal keeps calling out to Maya for help and Momo questions Desho’s motives over a phone call. Eventually, the doctor shows up before Ranveer Duggal and a realisation dawns on Ranveer Duggal. Away, Armaan asks his mother about a suggestion in the guise of seeking advice for a friend in an attempt to win Desho back. His mother gives Armaan a valuable piece of advice and walks out of the kitchen. The doctor expresses his apprehensions to Desho but the latter tries to encourage the doctor to help Ranveer Duggal.

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