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Jersey: Shahid Kapoor Felt His Lips Dead While Filming; THIS Is What Exactly Happened


November 28, 2021

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Shahid Kapoor who is ramping up for his upcoming movie, ‘Jersey’ recently spilled beans on his injury. The actor also revealed about the hardships he faced while shooting. Read on to know his experience

During the filming of Jersey, Shahid Kapoor stated that he ‘busted’ his bottom lip. Recently the actor had a live Instagram session to discuss and reveal facts about his new film Jersey.

The trailer for Jersey, the Hindi version of a Telugu film of the same name, was released earlier this week by the film’s producers. During the event, he answered a number of fans’ questions. One of them inquired about Shahid Kapoor’s experience practising with a seasoned ball. He gave the specifics at that point. During this film, he broke his lip. His most vivid recollection of Jersey will be the feeling that he will never appear the same. He revealed that the incident happened when he was off-camera training with a seasoned ball. The actor admitted that he did not use his helmet on the day in question, which resulted in the injuries.

The ball shattered his bottom lip, and they had to halt filming for two months because of it, Shahid added, calling it the craziest thing he’d ever done. He needed a total of 25 stitches. It took three months for his lip to feel normal again, and it still doesn’t. There’s a bit of his lip that he believes feels like dead. He is unable to move it. The actor has quite literally poured his blood into this picture. Since Kabir Singh, Shahid’s second Telugu adaptation is Jersey. The film, a remake of Arjun Reddy, grossed more than Rs 250 crore at the box office. During the trailer unveiling, the actor said that he had never encountered such popularity in his career and that he felt uneasy.

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After his release, Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor acted as if he were a beggar to everyone. He went to all of the individuals who had created these movies for 200-250 crores. He had never been a member of this club before, so it was all new to him. He had never had such a big grosser in his 15-16 years of the profession. According to sources, when it eventually happened, the actor had no idea where to go because it was all new to him.

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