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Is Tiger Shroff’s Sister Adopted? Deets Inside


September 11, 2021

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Tiger Shroff’s sister, Krishna Shroff, reportedly spilled several secrets from her childhood with her brother Tiger Shroff.

Almost all siblings, especially when it’s a brother and sister, have a rat and cat situation going on, at least while growing up, and if you think celebrities or the kids of Bollywood stars are not the same, you are undoubtedly wrong. Krishna Shroff reportedly said something in her exclusive interview. She spilled several secrets from her childhood with brother Tiger Shroff, including the biggest revelation where he would repeatedly convince her that she was adopted, leading to her even confronting their parents several times.

When asked about who was the naughtier among the two, Krishna Shroff said that she and her brother, Tiger are opposite when it comes to personalities even though they have the same blood. They often got each other’s veins a lot of times, and there was a tom and jerry equation between them, where Krishna was the one who was the tom in the situation since her brother often poked her for being overweight. Whereas her brother was very slender as a child.

Letting the cat out of the bag, on the one major prank Tiger Shroff would frequently pull her legs, Krishna added. She says that surely 100 percent, she was the one who was the most mischievous amongst the two, but she would not play pranks on him. Although he would always mess with her head and tell her that she was adopted, and on many occasions, she believed him because every time he said it, she used to sound genuine, which made her sad and confront her parents if it was true.

She continues saying that he used to play mind pranks on her, which was worse because it made her sad. But as much as it was annoying, she looked back and laughed at it because it was all done in good fun.

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