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India’s Got Talent 2: Kirron Kher Reveals That She Will Complain To Badshah’s Mom As He Made Her And Shilpa Shetty Wait


December 1, 2021

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In a recent behind the scenes video posted by Shilpa Shetty, the funny banter between Kirron Kher and Badshah regarding his turning up late is enough to make fans burst into peels of laughter

Taking to her Instagram handle, Shilpa Shetty dropped an exclusive behind the scenes video featuring the co-judges Kirron Kher and Badshah on India’s Got Talent 2 sets and within this video clip that went viral on social media and also took the internet by storm, we can see how Shilpa and Kirron complained about Badshah’s daily habit of making both of them wait by turning up late on the sets.

In the video, Shilpa revealed that they both have been patiently waiting for Badshah for the past fifteen minutes and further, we also saw how quickly Kirron Kher revealed that it was Badshah who made them both wait and is always late on the shoot for IGT.

Furthermore, she also revealed that how come every day they wait for him who always gets late and that she doesn’t understand one thing which is that how come he takes so much time in getting ready and does he always style his hair which is not even that much.

Kirron added how she and Shilpa quickly got their hair and touchup done within only fifteen minutes and then Shilpa also adds in that finally Badshah has arrived.

Then Kirron Kher adds in that where is his hair and how can it take so much time for him to style his hair and even if he brushed his beard, then too how come it takes him so much time for him to do all this and what does his hair and makeup artist do after that.

She also adds in that this is utter crap and nonsense and that now she is going to seriously complain to his mom about the same and finally shushed him to just go to his seat and sit there quietly like a good boy and towards the end of the video we see Badshah pretends to cry and says a big sorry to Kirron Kher and also ends up accepting his mistake and apologizes sincerely for it which makes Shilpa Shetty burst into peels of laughter.

Shilpa Shetty’s caption for the viral video post describes how Badshah got saved thanks to his hair in a funny way and ended the caption with BTS from IGT.

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