How Would Astronauts Save Each Other If A Heart Attack Occurred In Space?

The space scientists and doctors are now coming up with techniques to cure heart attack in space.

Isha Khatu

December 4, 2020

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Space research is already doing wonders and there are many astronauts flying to the moon. In a few years, humans will be sent to the moon and mars for living there. The major concerns however are related to the medical assistance. Imagine an astronaut is working in space and gets a heart attack? How would medical assistance be rendered to him/her? Here are some of the techniques that doctors and researchers have been working on.

How would astronauts be assisted if they suffer from a heart attack?

Astronauts have been travelling from earth to moon for many years now. There hasn’t been a critical situation yet in the space where the astronauts have got a heart attack.  In the future, along with astronauts, even common citizens would be allowed to travel to space and thus such medical assistance is necessary. Space travelling is going to be a big business in the coming years and such situations need to be catered.  The patients could be miles away from the hospitals on earth. There are many doctors and researchers have been working on medical assistance that could be given to them to cater to such a situation in future.

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Usually, when someone gets a heart attack on earth, they are given CPR. However, such a technique will not be applicable in space. CPR is used in emergency situations wherein the patient’s heart is pressurised by another person and he is given oxygen through the mouth. Recently, Professor Hinkleben from the German society of Aviation space medicine and his colleagues sounded out a new technique to solve such a situation in space.

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There are 5 different techniques that they have found out. First one is the strap technique which attaches the patient to the fellow astronaut. This called the crew medical restraint system. Apart from that there is Aviat’s Ruffermono technique and reverse bear hug technique which can be used to while someone is floating in microgravity. However, these techniques have not been used yet in the space since there wasn’t any such medical emergency that has yet occurred. However, scientists are preparing for such incidents in the coming years.

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