Furious Buffalo Throws A Lion In The Air And It Is The Most fascinating Site On The Internet Today

This buffalo’s unexpected attack on a lion has been winning the internet. Here is a look at the fascinating video with all details related to it here.

Sania Kader

December 10, 2020

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A video of a bunch of buffalos and a lion has lately been doing the rounds across social media platforms. In this viral video, a buffalo is seen attacking a lion who is all set to feed on another buffalo. The video indicates that the black creatures can prove to be quite dangerous when they are enraged and full of energy. The video has been receiving mixed reactions from the Twitteratti as some people find it amusing while others are fascinated by the reverse in roles.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with all details related to the lion-buffalo combat here:

In a recent video released on the social media platforms, an angry buffalo is seen getting reckless and targeting a lion who is planning to attack another buffalo. In the video attached above, a tiger is seen on the verge of attacking a buffalo while the other one looks on. In the next segment, another buffalo comes running towards the lion and lifts it up by simply using its horns. The lion gets swung in the air with full force, while the other two animals witness the scene in silence. The buffalo does not stop here and decides to go one step further and attack the majestic animal again. It stabs its horns into the lion’s skin and throws it down again, leaving the animal possibility injured.

The video was posted on Twitter by an official from the Indian Forest Service, Susanta Nanda, who keeps his followers constantly updated with interesting animal videos. The video currently has more than 2.4k likes and has also been shared multiple times. It was posted with a quirky caption describing the unusual turn of events. It also states how unpredictable nature is as anything is possible here. Have a look at the original tweet here.

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In the comments section of the post, a bunch of people have expressed how amused they are with this new video. They have also spoken highly of the buffalo’s courage and power. Some people have also mentioned that they must not mess with bulls no matter what goes down as their power can be out of this world.

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