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Divyendu Sharma’s Bicchoo Ka Khel Gets Rave Reviews as Critics Call it a ‘Binge-worthy’ Crime Thriller

Aditi Sharma

December 30, 2020

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Bicchoo Ka Khel is a new revenge drama streaming on ZEE5. Here’s a look how Bicchoo Ka Khel impressed the audience and the film critics.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a ZEE5 Orginal that released recently. Helmed by Ashish Shukla, it stars Divyendu Sharma in the lead role. The crime thriller created major anticipation among the audience after its trailer release. After the series premiered on ZEE5, there were several reviews for Bicchoo Ka Khel. The thriller received positive reviews from several film analysts and publications. From calling it binge-worthy to tagging it as full of entertainment thriller, here’s how media reviewed Bicchoo Ka Khel.

Times of India – “A binge-worthy crime thriller with a retro feel to it”

According to Times of India, Bicchoo Ka Khel director Ashish Shukla left no stone unturned in making the series engrossing from the starting itself. The review also hailed the cinematography and screenplay. The review pointed out the dialogues and the background music made the story more interesting. The initial build-up of the story is also much appreciated in the review. The Times of India review also hailed Divyendu Sharma’s performance and his chemistry with Anshul Chauhan.

Republic World – “Quirky and full of entertainment”

The review by Republic World tagged Bicchoo Ka Khel to be a quirky crime drama which is different from other dramas set in UP. It also appreciated Divyendu Sharma’s performance. The cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel was also hailed in the review. Calling it a must-watch, Republic World quoted that the acting flair of Divyendu Sharma is something that will keep one entertained making it a source of complete entertainment.

IWM Buzz – “High octane pulp drama”

According to IWM Buzz,  in Bicchoo Ka Khel is all about seedy politicians, sexually active women and corrupt cops who share a common affinity to foul language and high octane pulp drama. The review also hailed how Divyendu Sharma didn’t let his portrayal looked like a repetition instead he added more drama to it.

ABP Live – “Divyendu Sharma stole the limelight and did justice to his role”

According to ABP Live, Bicchoo Khel turned out to be an interesting series because of Divyendu Sharma’s portrayal. The review also pointed out that Ashish Shukla’s direction gave a viewpoint to the whole story. It also appreciated how the language of Banaras was reflected in the dialogues, the review also hailed the several interesting dialogues that made Bicchoo Ka Khel even more interesting. The review ended with an appreciation for the cast’s performance in the series.

Koi Moi – “Divyendu Sharma and Anshul Chauhan’s chemistry is the highlight of the show”

Koi Moi quoted that the performance of the cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel makes the whole show interesting. The review also pointed out that Divyendu Sharma’s dialogue delivery will certainly keep the fans entertained. It also hailed Anshul Chauhan and mentioned that Divyendu Sharma and Anshul’s chemistry is the highlight of the show. Koi Moi quoted that Syed Zishan Qureshi also outshined with his performance. It pointed out that he played a really interesting and entertaining character and nails it.

Dainik Jagran – “Intriguing dialogues and gripping storyline”

According to Dainik Jagran, intriguing dialogues, Divyendu Sharma and Anshul Chauhan’s romance and interesting storyline made the web-series amazing. It also pointed out that fans who like crime dramas or revenge drama then they would love Bicchoo Ka Khel.

Bicchoo Ka Khel
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