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Daar Ughad Baye 08 June 2023 Written Update: Renuka requests Mukta to return home

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June 16, 2023

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Irked by Kanta’s statement about Bhakti, Sarang threatens him. Ved convinces a stubborn Renuka, but she doesn’t budge from her decision. Renuka tells her decision and requests Mukta to return home.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Chandrakala, Vaijayanti and Raosaheb get emotional while talking to Mukta on a call. Hurt by Ambika and Dutta’s actions, Jaya lashes out at them. An irate Ambika vows to break the Nagarkars’ unity.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Sarang discusses the unfortunate incident at Renuka’s wedding with Mukta. Mukta confesses her fear of Sarang’s love for her. When Sarang inquires about the reason, Mukta explains that he left the house with her without considering anyone’s opinion. Sarang defends his actions, stating that they had to leave due to the negative thoughts of Renuka’s family. He assures Mukta that he will never leave her side. Kanta and Bhairu observe Mukta and Sarang and get puzzled. They question the couple about their visit to the village. Kanta mocks Mukta, but Sarang warns him. Kanta expresses his unwavering belief to Sarang. The following morning, Ved urges Renuka to get ready to leave. Renuka wonders where they are going, and Ved reminds her that they are married and need to move to his house. Renuka recalls Mukta’s departure and firmly states her decision to Ved. However, Ved tries to convince her, suggesting that she should come to his house and make his family realise their mistake. Renuka’s words shock Ved. Kanta happily discusses Bhakti’s marriage plans with Bhairu and plots revenge against Mukta for his previous jail term. While Sarang converses with Atmaram, Ved contacts him. Ved expresses his desire to talk to Mukta and requests Sarang’s assistance. During their phone conversation, Ved pleads with Mukta to return home. However, Mukta remains firm in her decision. Renuka takes the phone from Ved and apologises to Mukta while expressing her feelings. Mukta breaks down in tears upon hearing Renuka’s words. Ved comforts Renuka, who emotionally implores Mukta to come back home. Renuka urges Ved to bring Mukta home at any cost. Sarang suggests to Mukta that they should return home, but she refuses, stating that she gave her word to Ved’s parents and cannot break it. Mukta assures Sarang that Renuka will eventually return home once her anger subsides. She also mentions Gayatri and Jaya, believing that she made the right decision. Suddenly, Ved calls Sarang, revealing his predicament and asking him to bring Mukta home. However, Sarang refuses, leaving Ved worried. At the Nagarkar residence, Vaijayanti attempts to convince Renuka, who then threatens Ved. Vaijayanti becomes enraged witnessing this behaviour from Renuka. Bhausaheb instructs Renuka to get ready to go to her in-laws, but she remains firm in her decision, causing tension among everyone.

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