Coronavirus Has Disrupted The Education Of 1 Billion Students Worldwide: UN

The Secretary-General of United Nations has warned that the pandemic will result in a generational catastrophe for students

Raghav N

August 5, 2020

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Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), has cautioned that the world is facing ‘a generational catastrophe’ due to the raging Coronavirus pandemic. Elaborating that the education of almost one billion students lies disrupted, he said that this could waste untold human potential and undermine decades of progress.

He further added that the shutting down of schools and other educational institutions has affected disadvantaged students across 160 countries. Of this, he emphasised on the 40 million kids who are missing out on their critical pre-school years.

The UN Chief also spoke about the undue burden on parents, especially mothers, who have been forced to take on the additional responsibility of teaching their children at home.

According to Guterres, despite the best efforts by the teachers to remain in touch with their students through online classes, many students remain out of reach. The list includes learners with disabilities, those in minorities or from disadvantaged communities, displaced and refugee students and those living in remote areas.

With more than 250 million children out of school even before the pandemic, Guterres said that getting students safely back to school should be the top priority.

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