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Comedy Couple: From Rent For Singles To Relationship Woes; 5 Urban India’s Issues That Deep-Zoya Brilliantly Comment On

Aditi Sharma

November 9, 2020

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Comedy Couple is a narrative that pretty much sums up every unmarried couple’s story who is trying to find a house or making efforts to have a stable relationship. Take a look at urban India’s issues that are presented by Comedy Couple.

ZEE5 Original film, Comedy Couple was released on October 21, Wednesday. The story revolves around a couple who performs standup comedy together. The narrative is full of romance, drama and a lot of humour which eventually would lead to an unexpected ending. In the show, Comedy Couple, there are several urban India issues that have been highlighted. Call it a veiled dig or punchlines of comedy couple, here are several urban India issues that Comedy Couple makes a brilliant commentary on.

1.No house for live-in couples

Both Zoya and Deep struggle to find a perfect flat but when they get a perfect flat, they get kicked out because the landlord sees them kissing in the lift. This is when Zoya finds out that Deep lied to the landlord that they are siblings. This highlights one of the biggest issues still prevalent in India that there would be no rented property for live-in couples as they are not good for a society where families with good values reside.

Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad in Comedy Couple on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

2. Rules and questionnaire for unmarried couples

Zoya and Deep narrate their experience of finding a perfect house and actually explain all the questions that have been asked to them during their house hunt. From smoking, drinking to sex, everything they say about a big list of questions is indeed true. Every unmarried couple trying to find a house often ends up answering bizarre questions from landlords just because they are not married.

3.Relationship issues and problems

Zoya and Deep share a great bond but when it comes to relationship, problems are natural. However, in today’s times, relationship problems can range from lying about the whole relationship to getting married without parents knowing about it. Zoya gets to know about Deep lying that he has told his family about them but actually they are not known to the fact that Deep is living with Zoya or is in love with her.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

4.Mixing personal and professional life

Zoya and Deep not only share their house but they are also related professionally. However, one time, Zoya decides to go on stage on her own without Deep. This often happens in reality too when two people in a relationship often have a mindset that their significant other is better than them or they could have succeeded in life if they weren’t stopped at a point by their partners.

The Comedy Couple on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

5. Standup comedians being arrested

In Comedy Couple, there is a sequence where Deep gets arrested by the police for hurting religious sentiments through his jokes which was not at all true. However, even when Deep explains them, they do not listen to him. This issue portrayed in the story is quite relevant as at many instances, several standup comedians have been called out for making jokes on religious aspects.

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