Christmas News: Santas On Bikes Parade Through Downtown Tokyo Against Child Abuse

A group of Harley Davidson bikers were dressed up in Santa costumes and rode through the streets of Tokyo as part of an annual parade against child abuse.

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December 22, 2020

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In Tokyo, Santas decided to ditch their sleigh and ride bikes! A group of Harley Davidson bikers dressed in Santa Claus costumes roamed the city. The group of bikers all dressed in red suits with long white beards rode through the streets of Tokyo as part of an annual parade against child abuse. The group pointed out the fact that due to the Coronavirus pandemic infused lockdown, more children were vulnerable to abuse in 2020.

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The biker’s parade was followed by a toy run by the group as they went around town to donate toys to kids, following the Christmas tradition. The group denoted that this year’s event meant more than any of the older ones as a greater number of children were vulnerable to domestic abuse during the pandemic.

Takashi Mine, director of the event said, “due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, I think there are many child abuses cases out of sight. It is very likely now that parents will take the stress out on their children after losing their jobs, so I think particularly during the pandemic we have to do the parade.”

The number of child abuse cases in Japan rose to 20 percent per month between January and March compared to last year. This could be sourced to families spending more time at home because of the pandemic.

According to the country’s health ministry, the number of reported child abuse cases was at a record high last year. The annual parade of bikers usually attracts hundreds of motorcyclists. However, due to the pandemic, only near to a 100 bikers took part this year.

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