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Case filed against senior actor Mohan Babu, find out WHY


October 20, 2021

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A police complaint has been filed against the senior actor Mohan Babu in the Bhadradri Kothagudem district by the representative of sheep and goat herders’ association, against a remark made by the actor on their community that has hurt their feelings

The MAA (Movie Artist Association) elections seem to have been caught up in a never ending loop of controversies. The elections that took place on the 10th of October this year resulted in Manchu Vishnu, the son of the senior actor Mohan Babu, getting elected as the President.

The latest angle in the MAA controversy is that there has been a police complaint  filed against actor Mohan Babu in the district of Bhadradri Kothagudem by the representatives of the State Sheep and Goat Herders’ Association. The said complaint was filed by the union leader of the association as a result of a remark made by Mohan Babu during the MAA elections that hurt the sentiment of the said community.

The senior actor had commented on the incidents that took place during the MAA elections and worded his disappointment by saying  “What is really going on? Are these elections? Nonsense. Everyone is illiterate. Everyone is watching. Sheep Casey also has a mobile phone. They record our fight. Be careful. Why the actual riot?”

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The comment outraged the said community and hurt their feelings along with insulting them, therefore, they demand that the senior actor should apologies to the state’s sheep and goat herder’s .

This is not the first time that the MAA elections have been in the news this year, for wrong reasons. The declaration of its result was met with a lot of criticism as well, with the opposition panel, lead by actor Prakash Raj alleging that the results were rigged and there was foul play by the Vishnu Manchu panel. He even went on to demand the CCTV footage from the polling officer of the election day in a letter and posted the said letter on social media for everyone to see. The 11 elected members from the Prakash Raj panel went on to resign from the posts on which they were elected and Raj even went on to resign from the primary MAA membership.


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