Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Reasons Asawari Should Forgive Soham And Look At All His Good Deeds

With his good deeds, Soham has proven that he is a better man now and deserves Asawari’s forgiveness. Read on.

Aboli Vaze

February 17, 2021


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In Agga Bai Sasubai, we have been witnessing a lot of drama lately. From Soham being implicated for murder to Katekor’s truth getting unveiled, the family-drama has surely left the audience quite hooked. Now that Soham’s innocence has finally been proven, there is nothing holding him back from making amends with Asawari. With his good deeds, he has proven that he is a better man now and deserves Asawari’s forgiveness.

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We believe, Soham is a changed man now and Asawari must forgive him. Here’s why:

1. Soham accepted Abhijit

When Asawari and Abhijit first got married, Soham did not accept their relationship and often tried to break it. Gradually, his dislike for Abhijit evolved into hatred and that led to the Kulkarni-Raje family falling apart. He has finally come to accept and respect Abhijit now, which is why Asawari should forgive him.

2. Soham became responsible

Soham was earlier quite irresponsible and immature. He’d make rash decisions and get himself into trouble. Now, he has grown into a mature man who takes responsibility for his actions. This change should definitely impress Asawari. Do you agree?

3. Soham returned Abhijit’s business

One of the major reasons for Asawari and Soham’s fallout was Abhijit’s business. Soham was blinded by money and maliciously took over Abhijit’s restaurant to become wealthy. He later realized his mistake and returned the restaurant to its rightful owner.

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4. Soham treats Shubhra well

Soham and Shubhra were at loggerheads ever since Abhijit and Asawari moved out. He did not treat her well and disrespected her. Eventually, he understood he was wrong in doing so and started treating her right. That revived romance between them and they’re at a great place now. Wouldn’t Asawari love seeing her son like this?

5. Soham is truly sorry

Apart from all this, Soham is genuinely sorry for all the hurt he has caused. He truly misses his aai and has suffered enough in her absence. He regrets hurting Asawari and is willing to do anything for her forgiveness. After all, he is her babdya and cannot live without her.

Now that Soham can finally come clean to Asawari, do you think she will realize that he has changed for real? With Katekor hopefully out of the picture, we hope that Asawari and Soham can bury the hatchet and reconcile soon.

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