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Aayush Sharma Reveals His Wife Arpita Khan’s Wish Of Seeing Him Steal The Limelight From Salman Khan In Antim


December 7, 2021

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In a recent interview with a leading entertainment portal, Aayush Sharma finally speaks about his wife Arpita Khan’s wish of seeing him steal the thunder from Salman Khan in Antim

We all know that Aayush Sharma got hitched to Salman Khan’s sister Arpita seven years back in 2014 and then made his acting debut in the film Loveyatri three years back in 2018 and since then he has been trolled and bashed by a lot of people wherein many people said that he got the film because he is Salman Khan’s brother in law and from his first movie till now with Antim, he has improved a lot on his body and acting chops as an actor which has left everyone awestruck.

No matter whatever shit people said, Aayush’s wife Arpita Khan never let this negativity and trolling affect her husband and stood like a solid rock beside him, and when Aayush got paired with his brother in law Salman Khan in Antim, a section of people very quickly started calling Aayush out and comparing him with Salman and beating all the trolls and fans, it had been Aayush’s wife Arpita who had prayed earnestly for making Aayush’s performance outshine her brother Salman’s in Antim.

In his recent interview with a newspaper publication, Aayush started off by mentioning how his wife Arpita was really emotional when she saw the entire film and added that when he was going to start filming for Antim, Arpita had called him up and said that she is 32 and all her life she has always wanted that her brother outshines all others in the films but this is the first time she had prayed that he outshines her brother Salman in the film and also revealed that for Arpita she was fighting the biggest battle as two of her most favorite people are going to be in the same frame within the film and she cannot watch them both fight even if on the screens.

He also shared how his wife Arpita said that this is a huge opportunity and added that this is the best shot he has gotten to prove himself against her brother Salman Khan which he cannot get every time.

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