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5 Reasons Why Khaali Peeli Is a Must-Watch For Its Action Sequences, Mumbai Gullies And Masala Entertainment

Aditi Sharma

November 6, 2020

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Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter’s action pack Khaali Peeli premiered on ZEE5 recently. Ishaan Khatter plays the role of a cab driver, Vijay Chauhan, who gets involved with a rider who is trying to escape from cops and criminals.

Take a Khaali Peeli and get ready for an interesting ride with Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday. Khaali Peeli will give you a tour to Mumbai like never before. The movie is full of masala and entertainment with a hint of romance. The story is about two childhood sweethearts who get separated due to certain circumstances and meet again years later. Ishaan Khatter plays the role of a cab driver, Vijay Chauhan, who gets involved with a rider who is trying to escape from cops and criminals. So tighten your seat belts as I take you along for 5 major reasons why you need to have Khaali Peeli in your watchlist right now.

Mumbai Darshan with Maqbool Khan

Khaali Peeli’s director Maqbool Khan left no stone unturned in bringing the authentic touch of Mumbai. Be it the action sequences shot in the gullies of Mumbai or the roads travelled through the taxi, Khaali Peeli is a visual treat for all who love the city of Mumbai and what’s better than city lights and late-night drives, Khaali Peeli has it all.

Romance right with Ishaan and Ananya 

Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday were paired on-screen for the first time and they will certainly not disappoint you. The sizzling chemistry between them makes the storyline more intriguing. Not to forget, both of them brought ‘raw action’ on-screen as they performed their stunts on their own. Well! bruised in love or brewing romance, Khaali Peeli’s romantic touch is enough to make the movie a part of your watchlist.

Get your Mumbai lingo right with desi dialogues

Khaali Peeli will bring out the 90’s vibes with the use of Mumbaiyya lingo in the movie. Be it the authentic language of the cab drivers or the localities communicating with each other, Khaali Peeli’s dialogues have an added element of Mumbaiyya lingo which makes it more familiar and relatable to watch.

Reminisce memories of Kaali Peeli and their drivers

Kaali Peeli or the yellow-black cabs, these cars are a staple of Mumbai and Ishaan Khatter’s portrayal as the taxi driver would reminisce all the good old memories you would have with one of these Kaali Peeli drivers. High price being quoted to bargaining after sitting inside, all of us have experienced it and Khaali Peeli cherishes all these memories at one go. Not to forget the high prices for night drives and the attitude goes hand in hand.

Groove right with Khaali Peeli’s music playlist

Apart from the intriguing storyline and action sequences, Khaali Peeli’s dance performance and music playlist will make you glued to your seats. Be it makers incorporating several dance forms in one song or Ananya-Ishaan dancing on the bylanes, this movie will make you groove right as you will listen to the songs on loop.

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