3 Friendships That Would Work If The Married Woman Characters Met Black Widows

The Married Woman and Black Widows are two exceptional stories capturing the rise of women. If these two shows ever had a crossover, these three friendships would definitely be a hit.

Earlier, most of the shows/movies had larger-than-life portrayals of stories. However, the evolution of OTT gave rise to new, realistic, and detail-oriented narratives. And going on similar lines, ZEE5 treats us with so many exciting and intriguing shows. These dramas are experimental yet very relatable which the audience can personally relate to. ZEE5’s Black Widows and The Married Woman belong to the same league. These shows capture an emotional and inspiring journey of women in a uniquely appealing way.

Though the setting of both these shows is different, the theme of love, relationship, loyalty, and togetherness binds them with each other. While The Married Woman is the story of Astha who embarks on the journey of self-discovery, Black Widows portray the tragic lives of three housewives who forge a plan to get rid of their abusive husbands. But the personality of all these characters is what makes them great. And they do share some similarities with each other, be it in terms of their life stories or their behaviour. 

So, here’s taking a look at three friendships that would work if the characters of The Married Woman meet the ones from Black Widows.

Veera And Astha: The Scar Of Their Lifeless Marriage

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Astha and Veera’s life story is quite on similar lines. Both these characters are energetic and have a desire to live life in their own way. However, the responsibilities of their marriage keep them bound. While Astha is fed up with her routine-like marriage, Veera deals with her abusive husband. And they both have a desire and excitement to start their life afresh.

That is one of the reasons why Astha and Veera would make good friends. They might seem naive and innocent but they’re both a lot of fun to be around. Sharing these similarities with each other, Astha and Veera can have great chemistry together.

Jayati And Peeplika: The Desire To Be Independent

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Peeplika is an artist by profession but she craves independence and somehow seeks it through her art. On the other hand, we have Jayati whose life has turned haywire due to her abusive marriage. She wants to be an independent woman away from the shackles of her married life. While Peeplika is married to a loving husband Aijaz, she’s certainly not happy with its boundaries that keep her away from her true self.

Though their situations are different, Peeplika and Jayati would make great friends. They both have a common desire to break away from the shackles of society. And that one reason is enough to prove that both these women could find solace in their friendship.

Kavita And Aijaz: Simplicity And Love

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Kavita has suffered a lot, she’s quite an innocent character. For her husband’s sake, she was ready to sacrifice all of her luxuries and everything. However, her husband’s betrayal broke her heart. Then there’s Aijaz who was immersed in his love for Peeplika. Aijaz loves the simplicity of life and he even inspired Astha to take a step ahead towards her self-discovery.

So, both Aijaz and Kavita could make the best of friends. He might help her to revive from the emotional trauma she had gone through due to her abusive marriage and she may become his very good friend. They can form great chemistry since life’s all about simplicity and love for them.

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