10-Year-Old Raped In Brazil; Anti-Abortion Protests Break Out

While a section of society in Brazil has supported the termination rights of a girl, religious extremists have come out on the streets to stop abortion.

Jessica David

August 20, 2020

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A crowd of religious protestors attempted to storm a hospital in Brazil to stop a 10-year-old from undergoing an abortion after she was “raped by her uncle.” The young girl, from Sao Mateus in Espirito Santo, had reportedly been rushed to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pains. She was told that she was pregnant, and confessed to the medical staff that her uncle had allegedly been raping her since the age of six. The child added that she had never reported him to authorities as he had threatened her, a Brazilian news website reported.

Her uncle, 33 years old, has reportedly been indicted for rape and is on the run. The 10-year-old minor girl underwent a procedure to terminate the pregnancy at a referral hospital in Pernambuco, where angry protestors gathered outside and tried to break into the clinic to it from going ahead. Military Police were called in to protect the young patient after right-wing extremist Sara Giromini reportedly divulged the name of the girl and the hospital in a video she posted on social media.

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