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Wild boars attack Shakira, netizens respond with hilarious memes

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October 1, 2021

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Popstar Shakira visited a public park with her eight-year-old son where they were mugged by a pair of wild boars. While some people were shocked to learn it, some found it hillarious and turned to twitter to make memes about it.

“They Waka Waka’d off with her purse”, says New York Post, detailing Shakira’s recent tragedy as she and her son got attacked and looted by wild boars in an absurd account in Barcelona, Spain.

Shakira used Instagram Story as a medium to communicate this event to her followers and posted a snap of her dirty torn bag as a form of evidence to account for her struggle with the wild boars. Shakira claims that the wild boars took away her bag from her with her phone it. The wild boars destroyed everything inside the bag and Shakira had to fight to get her bag back from the wild boars in the woods.

The Waka-Waka fame popstar Shakira visited a public park with her eight-year-old son where she got attacked and mugged by a pair of wild boars, and consequently fought them off. This absurd event has caused netizens to express their feelings about this news through memes and other forms of internet humor on Twitter.


There has been a mixed series of reactions to this extremely disparaging and dangerous event of the pop superstar’s life. Some have also taken over the internet and utilized this as an opportunity to discuss the growing wildlife in urban settings, in Europe.

There has been a growing genre of news dedicated specifically to wild boars invading human social life and harassing people. In one of the recent cases, a Roman woman got robbed off of her groceries by wild boars.

Some citizens, in a comical turn of city development, have announced the need to build a separate walking lane for wild boars to deal with this need of the hour.

We still don’t know how to process this news that has taken over social media. What do you feel about it?

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