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Viral Video: Sonu Sood Cooks Perfect Tandoori Rotis, Invites Fans To His Dhaba

Vatsal Thakore

February 25, 2021

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Actor Sonu Sood shared a video of him cooking perfectly round tandoori rotis and inviting his fans to his dhaba.

Actor Sonu Sood, who is known mainly for his action roles in the Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film industries, had become a star for the Indians during the lockdown and earned a lot of love and respect. Recently, he also opened a dhaba, where he was cooking tandoori rotis. Read on to know about this interesting venture of the actor.

Watch the detailed video here:

Sonu Sood recently shared a video on his Instagram, in which he can be seen cooking tandoori rotis. Uploading the video, he wrote in the caption that it was his dhaba, ‘Sonu Da Dhaba’. In this short video, the actor can be seen rolling rotis and putting them on a tandoor. The rotis were rolled perfectly round.

Talking about his roti-rolling skills, the actor can be heard saying, “No one can make better rotis than I do!” He also addressed his fans and welcomed them, saying, “Sonu Sood makes the best tandoori rotis, come to Sonu da dhaba some day!” The video has received over 1.8 million likes on his Instagram.


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Some time back, the actor had also uploaded a video of working on a stitching machine, tailoring clothes. In the video, he had funnily said, “I will stitch your clothes for free!”

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, it brought it to its knees, deeming almost everyone helpless. The migrant workers and labourers of India were left stranded in cities, far from their homes. In such a harsh scenario, Sonu Sood emerged as a saviour for the workers and organized free transport for thousands of workers to send them home safely. He also made arrangements for food and shelter for the workers who were waiting on their turn to be able to travel to their cities. He became a hero and an idol for everyone after this selfless deed.

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