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TVF’s Humorously Yours On ZEE5: All You Need To Know About This Dramatic Tale Of A Stand-Up Comedian

Vatsal Thakore

June 7, 2021

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TVF’s Humorously Yours, a dramatic take on stand-up comic Vipul Goyal’s life, starring himself, is premiering on ZEE5 very soon.

Vipul Goyal has become one of the most popular and acclaimed stand-up comedians of India. But do you know the story behind his success? If not, you should definitely watch the TVF show, Humorously Yours. Based on his real-life, Humorously Yours also stars Vipul Goyal in the lead role, as himself. Its first season premiered in December 2016 and became a turning point in Vipul Goyal’s career. Read on to know more about the show.

Vipul Goyal has been one of the core members of TVF and has also written many of its sketches. One of the most popular sketch series of TVF written by Vipul Goyal is ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub,’ which is a parody of a TV news debate popular in India. In 2016, TVF decided to make the series Humorously Yours, which would be based on his life. And the show’s title is also how Vipul Goyal likes to address himself as – Humorously Yours, which is also his social media id.

Humorously Yours basically revolves around the story of how hard it becomes for a stand-up comedian to manage his professional life and personal life, and also the misadventures that follow. The series also shows what all goes on behind the stage of a live stand-up comedy show.

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In an interview, Vipul Goyal had shared that most of the events in the series are based on his real life, with some portions of added fiction and drama. Like there is a part in the series which makes up the crux of the first season – when Vipul Goyal is not doing well as a stand-up comedian and is advised by his fellow comedians to get a manager, he becomes his own manager. He makes up a fake name, a fake voice, and gets a new number, just to pretend to be his own manager. In the interview, Vipul had revealed that he had to actually do that in real life, in his earlier days, when he failed to get any manager.

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The show also stars Rasika Dugal as his wife, Kavya, and Abhishek Banerjee, as his best friend, Bhushi. A lot of other stand-up comics, like Tanmay Bhatt, Kenny Sebastian, Kanan Gill, Zakir Khan, etc., have made a cameo in the show.

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After Humorously Yours Season 1, Vipul Goyal had shared that his fan base had increased a lot and that his stand-up shows actually began selling a lot more tickets than before. And when three years later, in 2019, season 2 of the show premiered, it got a lot more excitement and cheer. People also loved watching Rasika Dugal and Abhishek Banerjee reprise their roles as Kavya and Bhushi in the second season.

Humorously Yours has gained much-deserved popularity, for both of its seasons. The show has genius writing and equally great direction and performances. You will soon be able to watch both the seasons of Humorously Yours on ZEE5.

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