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#Throwback To All The Small Sacrifices Made By Chahat And Neel In The Aptly Titled Show Qurbaan Hua

Simren Rodrigues

December 31, 2020

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Even though they share a bitter-sweet relationship, Qurbaan Hua’s Chahat and Neel always sacrifice themselves for each other’s happiness. Here’s are 7 instances that prove the titles comes to life with their small ‘qurbaania’ for each other.

Qurbaan Hua has reached its peak with Chahat and Neel almost realising their feelings for each other. However, whether they confess it or not, we know for sure that their bond is more than friendship. Why would Chahat put Neel’s family before herself? Why would Neel jump in to save Chahat without caring for himself or his life? Here are 7 instances that prove the show’s title Qurbaan Hua comes to life as Chahat and Neel don’t think twice before sacrificing themselves for each other’s happiness. Take a look at the list below.

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1. Neel puts Chahat’s safety before himself 

Neel may be rigid towards Chahat but we know he cannot see her in pain. When Chahat is surrounded by goons, Neel steps up to save her without thinking of himself. He reaches the spot disguised as an old man. When one of the goons tries to snatch her bag and misbehaves with her, Neel cannot take it. He jumps in and beats up the goon. Neel also warns him to stay away from his wife Chahat.

2. Chahat skips her admission form filling to save Mamaji

Chahat tells Neel that it was her Baba’s dream to see her complete her studies. She asks him for a favour to drop her to the university. But Neel refuses by saying that he won’t do anything for her Baba. Later, Chahat seeks help from Bhupender. Just when she was about to leave the house, Mamaji gets a mild stroke. Without thinking twice Chahat attempts to save Mamaji. However, she misses the form-filling deadline.

3. Chahat sacrifices non-veg food

Neel is aware of Chahat’s love for non-veg food. They both reach the buffet and Chahat leaps with excitement when she sees non-vegetarian delicacies. However, she refuses to eat it. Neel is completely taken aback by this decision. Chahat tells him that she cannot break Vyasji’s trust. Later, she asks the caterer to distribute the food among the poor.

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4. Chahat is blackmailed by Gazala 

Neel and Chahat both unite to expose the culprit. However, before Neel could reach the hospital, Sunita reveals herself as Gazala to Chahat. Chahat is lost for words and asks Gazala about her Baba. She refuses to tell her anything and puts forth a condition that Chahat will have to kill Vyasji to meet Mr Baig. We know Chahat’s immense love for her Baba, but she declines the condition only to save Neel’s father.

Qurbaan Hua
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5. Chahat takes the blame on herself

Whether she is right or wrong, Chahat always thinks about Neel and his family’s happiness first. Even after Gazala provided her with the opportunity to meet Mr Baig, Chahat declined only to save Vyasji. But that’s not it, she went on to take the blame on herself. When Neel approaches Chahat, she tells him that she is the main culprit. All this is so that Gazala doesn’t harm Vyasji.

6. Neel saves Chahat from Aalekh 

Neel knows Chahat’s quirky ways to find out the truth about the situation. So he decided to follow her. But when he reaches the spot, he is shocked to see Aalekh trying to strangulate Chahat. Without giving it a second thought, Neel hits him and rescues Chahat. He just wants Chahat to be safe, even if that means going against his family.

7. Neel sacrifices his revenge for Chahat 

Gazala holds Mr Baig hostage at a lodge. Chahat reaches the lodge finally and reunites with her Baba. However, who has been tracking Gazala also reaches there. When he bumps into Chahat, he asks about her Baba’s whereabouts. But Chahat tries to pacify him. She requests him to let go of her Baba for her sake. Neel intently listens to her and promises not to harm him.

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