The COVID-19 Strain Found In India Tagged As A ‘Variant Of Concern’ By WHO COVID-19 Technical Head

The WHO COVID-19 technical head tags the coronavirus variant found in India, as a ‘variant of concern’.

Vatsal Thakore

May 13, 2021

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The second wave of coronavirus that hit India, has brought forth a much worse condition for the country than it saw in the first wave. Reports say that this second wave of coronavirus in India, saw a ‘triple mutation’ in the virus and that with this mutation, the virus is constantly evolving. The WHO has classified this variant of the virus, as a ‘variant of concern’. Read on to know more about it.

The World Health Organization said that the new mutated strain of the coronavirus, which was found in the second wave of the pandemic in India, is a matter of grave concern. They have said that this evolved mutation of the virus, might possibly have an increased resistance to the vaccines. They have also said that this virus strain is also transmitting more easily. The experts say that the second wave of the pandemic in India, that has overwhelmed the country’s medical and healthcare system, might have been fuelled by this new variant.

This variant is named the B1617 variant, and the mutations found in this variant are from two separate variants of the coronavirus, which are, E484Q and L452R. This mutated variant of the virus was found in saliva samples collected from the infected patients in Maharashtra, Punjab, and Delhi. It was first detected in India, in October 2020.

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Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, the COVID-19 Technical Lead of the WHO, while talking about this variant, said, “There is some available information that suggests increased transmissibility of B1617. The B1617 is the variant that we are looking at very carefully, looking at the data that is coming directly from our colleagues in India, who are studying this virus variant, as well as the studies that are going on in other countries that have detected the 617 variant in their population.”

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