Shocking WHO Audiotapes Reveal China Held Off Crucial Early-Stage COVID Data

In the audio tapes from early January 2020 accessed by the Associated Press, WHO officials can be heard venting their frustration in a private meeting on the lack of willingness of the Chinese government to share concrete data and information about the Coronavirus

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January 29, 2021

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Audiotapes accessed recently by a global news agency expose China for holding off crucial information about the Coronavirus when the contagion was in its initial stages in January last year. The recordings, dating back to the same period reveal discussions between top officials of the World Health Organization (WHO), indicating that the nation, believed to be the origin of COVID was not sharing enough data throughout January last year. Ironically, the United Nation health body lauded China in the earlier months of the pandemic for the country’s efforts in managing the crisis and keeping the world apprised about the same. However, the praises now seem to have been a desperate attempt on WHO’s part to gather more research from the Xi Jinping ruled republic.

Michael Ryan, Executive Director of WHO is heard in the tapes asserting that just assuming that a human to human transmission will not happen with Corona is not sufficient. He further says that the Chinese need to share more statistics and data to corroborate the same. Another top member agrees to the pandemic response being delayed and states that the team is moving ahead with extremely limited information. The international body’s Chinese representative Gauden Galea is also a part of the taped meetings, where he comes across as a self-admittedly helpless official when it comes to extracting information from the country’s administration.

WHO has come under severe criticism globally for its delayed management of the health crisis that has now killed over 2 million people worldwide. Former American president Donald Trump accused the outfit of operating on orders from Jinping.  Currently, a team of the organization is in Wuhan, the epicentre of the infection to interrogate its origins and seek other important information related to it.

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