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SHOCKING: Former Indian Idol Participant And Taekwondo Champ Suraj Bahadur Behind Bars For Chain Snatching And Robbery


September 28, 2021

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It’s very shocking news to learn that a two-time Taekwondo Champ and Former Indian Idol participant Suraj Bahadur is Behind Bars for chain Snatching and robbery

As much as social media helps you gain attention and fame, it takes a split second for it to go down and crash all the hard work which was earned. A similar case is right here. The reports have just come in fresh and have come as a shock to everyone as two-time Taekwondo Champ and former Indian Idol participant Suraj Bahadur were involved in more than 100 chain snatching and robbery cases. He’s finally caught by the police and is currently behind bars.

Suraj Bahadur is a resident of Vikas Nagar, Uttam Nagar, as per the police. He has been caught with over 2.5 kg of gold, 55 stolen phones, five stolen vehicles, and a country-made pistol.

According to reports, a police patrolling team last week in the Moti Nagar area in Delhi saw the accused on a scooter. The police found his activities “suspicious” and stopped him. They found out that the scooter had been stolen recently and recovered a pistol from him. A thorough interrogation was done and the accused also confessed that committing crimes like snatching many mobile phones and robbing gold articles from the area of Subzi Mandi police station in north Delhi. He allegedly threatened a jeweler at gunpoint and robbed 2.5 kg from the same area.

He and his gang members have been caught several times but after getting bail, he again joins a local gang and starts committing crimes. He had also procured a pistol and was using it to threaten people to steal expensive items. The accused also confessed that he left sports and singing as he couldn’t earn much and decided to commit crimes. He loves branded clothes and expensive cars. He wanted to buy these things for himself and joined local gangs.

The accused has been arrested multiple times in 2014, 2017, and 2019, but got out on bail each time and got back to the life of crime.

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