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Setting The Record Straight, Kajal Aggarwal Finally Reacts To Her Pregnancy Rumours; Opens Up About Motherhood


November 10, 2021

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For Kajal Aggarwal, the feeling of motherhood is beautiful and when she’ll have a child of her own, she might feel even greater. After months of pregnancy rumours doing the rounds, Kajal finally addressed the speculations

Kajal Aggarwal is an Indian actress and model who married Gautam Kitchlu and changed her name to Kajal A. Kitchlu recently. She is one of the most gifted actresses in the profession. People are won over by her beauty and elegance. She is a phenomenal actor and still has huge milestones to climb. Months after Kajal married Gautam, there were rumors that she was expecting a child.

When asked about the rumors, Kajal Aggarwal replied saying that she didn’t want to talk about it right now and would when the time was perfect, which puzzled people and put a halt to the speculations. Kajal spoke about the feeling of motherhood and how she feels, she said that it gets her excited and nervous at the same time. She used her sister as an example, saying that when she became a mother, she watched how her sister’s life changed for the better, and she believes that being a mother is a wonderful, indescribable sensation. At that point in life, one experiences self-realization.

She said that she already feels like a mother because of her two cute nephews Ishaan and Kabir. Kajal already felt like a mother with her nephews. She feels that there was a whole new part of her heart which she discovered because of them. She got to know what a wonderful feeling it is and how life changes for the good. She even said that when she’ll have her own child, her emotions will increase a lot more.

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Kajal also spoke about her upcoming film Uma, saying that it’s a feel-good happy family drama. The look does remind her of one of Mary Poppins, but it is not similar to it she adds. The story is quite different. Well, her fans are awaited for it.

Speaking about her work, Kajal made her first debut in a 2004 Hindi film Kyun! Ho Gaya Na. Her first Telugu film was in 2007 Lakshmi Kalyanam. She even did Special 26 alongside Akshay Kumar. She has done many other Telugu films like Darling, Mr. Perfect, Businessman, Naayak, and many more.

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