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Samantha and Naga Chaitanya spoke some lovely things about one other


October 7, 2021

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​Naga: “When there were so many girls in the world, why did I love you”, Samantha proposed to him first and, they both shares the same wrist tattoos, check out their adorable things which they creates for four years

‘When you’re in love, everything is OK.’ This remark is appropriate for anyone who has been in love and then split, and it is also perfect for the famous couple who announced their separation a few days ago after four years of marriage. The famous couple captivated millions of hearts during their romance as they raved about one other on many public forums. They managed to make a plethora of comments that made headlines for days, from admitting that they had been friends for years, understanding each other’s world, their likes, dislikes, and their parents, to admitting that they had been friends for years, understanding each other’s world, their likes, dislikes, and their parents.

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Pillow is Chaitanya’s first wife

Pillow is Naga Chaitanya’s first wife, and even if she had to kiss him, his pillow would always get in the way,” she reportedly stated in an interview with Lakshmi Manchu for her show “Feet Up with the Stars” about bedroom secrets. She compared Naga Chaitanya’s first wife to the cushion. She went on to say in the interview that even if Sam has to kiss Naga, his pillow will always get in the way.

Samantha: “I didn’t give you any choice”

In a popular Telugu show, Naga Chaitanya called Samantha and questioned, “Why did I love you when there were so many girls in the world?” Samantha responded, “I didn’t give you any choice.”

“My husband is innocent” 

Samantha said on one of the episodes that her husband’s name is Innocent and that he is like her pet, constantly obeying her and doing whatever she asks. “Innocent is my husband and my pet. What does it matter what I say? “Samantha had stated previously.

Samantha proposed  Chaitanya first

During one of their promotional interviews for the film, Sam stated that she was the one who proposed to Chaitanya initially. Naga revealed their first kiss during their first film ‘Yem Maya Chesave’ shoot in New York in response to one of Sam’s inquiries, although the ‘Lovestory’ actor mentioned in one of the interviews that their first personal moment occurred when they were in school.

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