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Rakhi Sawant On The Zomato Delivery Guy Issue, ‘What Happened With Him Was Unfair’

Vatsal Thakore

March 19, 2021

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Rakhi Sawant shares her views on the news of the accusations put on the Zomato delivery person, and also talks about Salman Khan’s new release.

Recently, paparazzi spotted actress Rakhi Sawant outside her gym, as she was leaving after her workout, and got into a conversation with her. Besides some fun banters, Rakhi Sawant also shared views on the recent Zomato delivery-person issue. Read on to know more about it.

Watch the whole video here.

Ever since Rakhi Sawant featured as a contestant in Bigg Boss 14 and walked away as the 4th runner up, her fan base has increased. As she was leaving her gym after a workout, she was approached by some of her fans and the paparazzi for a picture. She patiently waited for her fans to get selfies clicked with them and also got into a conversation with them and the shutterbugs.

One of the photographers asked her what she thought about the recent news about the delivery person of Zomato, who was accused of hitting a customer. To this, Rakhi Sawant answered, “It is unfair and unjust, what happened with the delivery person. I feel very sad about it. The delivery executives deliver food to our houses and deserve our respect. Even during the pandemic they did their jobs, respect them for that. One could at least ask them for a glass of water when they reach with their deliveries.”

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Rakhi Sawant also added to the discussion, saying, “Respect every person. You never know, a delivery person could even become the Prime Minister in future. Basically, respect everyone because if nothing, we can always give love and respect to someone. Spread love.”

The actress, who is a big Salman Khan fan, also spoke about the announcement of his next release, Radhe. She said, “I am so happy to see the poster of Radhe. Salman Khan is looking so handsome.” The paps also asked about how excited she was about the release, and she said, “I’m very excited! I am definitely going to watch it first-day, first-show!”

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