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Qurbaan Hua: 7 Times Neel Dodged Death And Managed To Come Out Safe

Simren Rodrigues

December 20, 2020

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You can call him immortal but these instances are proof that Neel has dodged his death several times. Most of the times he has jumped in to save Chahat and has ended up harming himself.

We all know Qurbaan Hua’s Neel has gone through a lot. He never misses a chance to save Chahat or his family whenever they are in trouble. He holds a special place for Chahat and would go to any length to save her. Even if that means putting his own life in danger. In the latest episode of the show, we saw how Neel managed to dodge his death. But this is not the first time he has managed to do so. Here are 7 instances that show how Neel survived deadly incidents and managed to come out safe. Take a look at the list below.

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1. Dr Baig approaches Neel with a dagger 

This incident leaves Chahat in a state of shock. She can’t believe her eyes. When Neel notices that Chahat is in danger, he holds her hand and begins to run away. However, they fail to notice Dr Baig. Later, when he spots Neel dragging Chahat, Dr Baig gets furious. Just then. it begins to rain and the two get drenched. Dr Baig approaches Neel with a dagger and attempts to kill him. However, Chahat stops him just in time.

2. Neel finds himself in trouble 

In an ugly turn of events, Kripa gets kidnapped. The whole family is worried as she is just a baby. Neel wonders who is behind the kidnapping and reaches the warehouse in search of Kripa. However, Neel notices something fishy is in the warehouse. Later, he realises that there has been a gas leakage and it can lead to a blast. However, Chahat reaches the spot in time to save both, Neel and Kripa.

3. The horrid factory incident with Neel 

Naveli and Godamvari plan a conspiracy to kill Chahat. But in turn, they end up hurting Neel. Neel notices that Chahat is missing and looks everywhere for her. Later, he spots a hot lava machine above Chahat’s head. Chahat is unaware of it. However, Neel jumps in to save her and ends up with scalding lava on his face.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

4. Gazala’s wicked plan to destroy Neel 

Gazala plots an evil plan to destroy Vyasji and his family. She sends an imposter to their place who fills the house with a chemical gas. Neel and family members are meanwhile engrossed in worshipping. Slowly the chemical begins to react and makes everyone unconscious. Chahat who is in the room with Kripa notices an odour and rushes to save them.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

5. Neel steps on a live wire 

Vyasji and the rest of the family members gather for a small prayer service. However, a small mishap takes place during the prayer service. When Neel goes to perform the ritual, he accidentally steps on a live wire and gets a shock. Everyone gets startled. Chahat who sees this rushes to save Neel.

6. Neel jumps in to save Chahat

Chahat is determined to expose Naveli’s boyfriend, so she sets out to catch him. However, she ends up in trouble as Aalekh tries to strangulate her. When Neel notices that Chahat is missing he goes in search of her. He jumps in to save her. Neel and Aalekh get into an intense fight.

qurbaan hua
Source: ZEE5

7. The goons attack Neel

Neel and Chahat get into an argument and sit at different places on the bus. Just then few goons notice Chahat. They head next to her and starting misbehaving with Chahat. This makes Chahat very uncomfortable. Neel notices this and stops the goons. When they ask him who is he, he tells them Chahat is his wife. Chahat is shocked. Later, Neel gets into a very bad fight with the goons.

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